Google Summer of Code 2010

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Please note that this a private wikipage only for the SoC mentors to edit and which may be subject to changes. If you are not sure about a idea or if you think something should be removed please use the Discussion Page.

Project Suggestions

Priority Ideas

  • General Real HW and 3rd Party driver support.
  • Get explorer_new in a useable state.

Secondary Ideas

  • Rewrite / Fix IPHLPAPI
  • USB Support

Tertiary Ideas

  • PCMCIA Support
  • Take over FAT_new project from Aleksey and finish it.
  • NTFS support with the help of the FAT_new skeleton and FUSE NTFS drivers.
  • SMBFS driver or a Shell extension using samba tng to get SMB shares support.

Contact Information

For any inquiries, additional ideas or suggestions, please mail to: