[ros-dev] Two petitions

caemyr at myopera.com caemyr at myopera.com
Sun Oct 16 15:55:59 UTC 2011

Reply from Pisarz, author of Lautus theme:

"Lautus is based on Luna Inspirat (which is an open-source visual style by krosavcheg) and was made using TGTSoft StyleBuilder. I think you should ask guys from TGTSoft about that. I was thinking about it earlier. If we know the structure of msstyle files, we could try to reverse engineer the visual style file and find a way to compile it from the sources I've provided."

On Sunday, October 16, 2011 3:00 PM, "Giannis Adamopoulos" <giannis.adamopoulos at reactos.org> wrote:
> Sure this could be a nice short term solution for the upcoming release.
> However in order to bundle a theme we have to recreate one. Theme files
> are normal dll files that doesn't contain any code but contain resources.
> We could recreate these dlls in our tree by adding bit by bit all the
> parts of the theme without copying anything from the themes created by ms
> or by the modified ms themes.

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