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This page describes the plan of reviving ReactOS port for the original Xbox, including components outside the source tree.

Once something is done in this list, it should be simply removed.

Revive ReactOS Xbox port

Progress is tracked in CORE-16216.

Fix ReactOS bugs

  • Fix USB OHCI - CORE-16352
    • Blocks actual OS testing in XQEMU
    • Important: check whether the problem is reproduced on real Xbox
  • Fix random 'Invalid Opcode' exceptions - CORE-16627
    • Blocks testing LiveCD in XQEMU
  • Fix DVD drive not being detected - CORE-16628
    • RealHW only
  • Fix PCI-to-PCI bridge PnP problem - CORE-16319
    • RealHW only, applied workaround in master - b992727
  • Fix FindResourceExW debug print problem (low priority)
    • Too hard to reproduce
  • Assertion failed: (pti->pcti->fsChangeBits & QS_SENDMESSAGE) == 0 happens in win32ss/user/ntuser/misc.c, line 729 after some idle hours, and it can be safely cont'ed from kernel debugger
    • Does not happen with usbohci.sys from Windows 2003 for some reason

Improve ReactOS

  • Add bootvid selection into txtsetup.sif and setuplib - FIXME: needs ticket
  • Fix Xbox HAL to report reserved video memory range for NVIDIA NV2A - FIXME: needs ticket
  • Add automatic HAL selection in FreeLdr - FIXME: needs ticket
    • Will allow to test bootcd and livecd
  • Add support for Xbox BRFR partitions - CORE-16329
    • Requires disk_new driver - CORE-6264
    • Blocks testing on real hardware
  • Fix or implement FATX filesystem driver - CORE-16373
    • FATX support should be removed from fastfat, or not, if we switch to fastfat_new (but when?) - CORE-11819
    • Blocks testing on real hardware
  • Add input support in FreeLdr on Xbox - CORE-16218 (low priority)
    • freeldr.ini can be modified manually
  • Add HAL/video/bootvid sections into unattend.inf - FIXME: needs ticket


  • Fix constants and variables naming in freeldr and xboxvmp from Xbox-Linux to MS (low priority)

Implement missing drivers

  • Add bootvid driver for Xbox - CORE-16219
    • Nice for public demonstration and user experience
  • Add vgasave driver for NVIDIA NV2A - FIXME: needs ticket
  • Add NVIDIA nForce nvnet driver - CORE-15872 (low priority)
    • First test with existing closed-source driver
    • Potentially will help improving XQEMU nForce net emulation
  • Improve xboxvmp driver to support NVIDIA hardware acceleration (low priority)
    • Add support for 2D acceleration
    • Add support for DirectDraw
    • Add support for Direct3D
    • Add support for OpenGL
    • Potentially will help here - CORE-16465

Fix bugs and improve Cromwell

  • Fix glitchy text characters: . _ ( f
  • Fix boot device label positioning (in 720x480 and 1024x576 screen mode)
  • Fix Xromwell XBE problems on some Xbox'es (at least the one JayFoxRox have)
  • Add SMBIOS table generation
    • Check corresponding data on NVIDIA nForce 420 board
  • Add PCI BIOS table generation
    • Check corresponding data on NVIDIA nForce 420 board
  • Import features from XBOverclock project
  • Add full device information page for Peripherals menu (low priority)
  • Other published issues:

Create open source Xbox firmware

See page Run Xbox Games on ReactOS‎.