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Notice: This page is about the full port of the ReactOS desktop operating system for the original Xbox. For the Xbox gaming kernel see Run Xbox Games on ReactOS‎.

ReactOS Xbox port targets the original Microsoft's Xbox gaming console, which is based on Intel Pentium III (Coppermine) processor that ReactOS could support.

It might be useful in different ways:

  • For people who don't have a computer, but have an Xbox which can be used as a computer with ReactOS
  • For gamers who want to run retro console emulators which are available only as Windows applications
  • For XQEMU emulator developers who need an open-source Xbox kernel implementation
  • For the project itself, because it allows better flexibility of porting to other platforms


Note: See Xbox Port Tests for more details.

  • Boot CD / Live CD does not boot, see CORE-16220.
  • Can be booted from HDD using pre-installed files:
    • MBR/FAT32 boot works, having problem with USB input, see CORE-16352.
    • BRFR/FATX boot works, but partitioning scheme not supported by disk driver, see CORE-16329.
  • Xbox port blockers: CORE-14625, CORE-16220, CORE-16329
  • Real hardware blockers: CORE-16319 (including the line above)

See this JIRA ticket list for known unresolved problems.

«It's just fun for now, nothing else. You can browse your Xbox's HDD in explorer as if it's just a PC computer, you can even do some very simple things, but not very much really. But with time – when we finish nVidia network card driver, it's gonna become more interesting since possibilities are endless – there are so plenty of software for Win32 that there is definitely something cool you may want to try to run on your Xbox» :-)

Fireball (talk) 19:55, 1 September 2005 (UTC)

Known facts

Development problems

  • Many hardware components that need drivers.
  • Lack of people with low-level programming and reverse engineering skills.
  • Microsoft has discontinued original Xbox since 2006, so few people with a working console left, and their number is decreasing.

Existing work


It's possible to install or just run ReactOS either on real Xbox or in XQEMU emulator.


People who have an original Xbox

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