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== Users who have an original Xbox ==
== Users who have an original Xbox ==
* [[Daniel Reimer]] aka EmuandCo
* [[Daniel Reimer]] aka EmuandCo
* [[Andreas Bjerkeholt]] aka Harteex
* [[User:Manatails007/computers|Manatails007]]
* [[User:Manatails007/computers|Manatails007]]

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ReactOS Xbox port targets the original Microsoft's Xbox gaming console, which is based on a custom Intel Pentium III processor that ReactOS could support.


Known facts

Development problems

  • Undocumented hardware components that need drivers.
  • Lack of people with low-level programming and reverse engineering skills.
  • Microsoft has discontinued original Xbox since 2006, so few people with a working console left, and their number is decreasing.

Existing work

Virtual environment

XQEMU project can be used to virtualize target platform and to test ReactOS Xbox port on a regular PC by using emulation.


Users who have an original Xbox

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