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The page WinDBG is a short article on something that should have a lot more information written on it.
If you know anything else about it, you are STRONGLY encouraged to add the information in. If you are unsure of proper formatting or style, add it to the talk page or this page itself as you think best and others will help.

Online reference

Useful commands

command description
ta trace to address;
x *! full modules list (atm lm is only showing basic modules);
!drvobj <driver_object address> 0x7 dumps driver object details - start/unload + irp handlers
!gflag +soe catch all exceptions (first exception handling) apart from STATUS_PORT_DISCONNECTED or if the exception code is not an error code;
!process 0 0 list all process with basic info;
!process <addr> 0x1e list detailed info of attached process, with its threads;
.process <addr> attach to the process of a given address;
.thread <addr> attach to the thread of a given address;
.reload /user reloads user symbols and enables resolving of usermode

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