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See Arwinss page for the alternative win32 subsystem implementation effort.

See also Win32k_design_guideline

The Graphics Device Interface Provides functionality for outputting graphical content to monitors, printers and other output devices. It resides in gdi.exe on 16-bit Windows, and gdi32.dll on 32-bit Windows in user-mode. Kernel-mode GDI support is provided by win32k.sys which communicates directly with the graphics driver.


  • Win32k: Initial implementation of regions and clipping
  • Win32k: Object cleanup on process deletion Eugene Ingerman
  • Win32k: Initial window painting code, bitmap loading David Welch
  • Win32k: Callbacks and messaging improvements David Welch
  • Win32k: Mouse messaging David Welch
  • Win32k: DIB Fixes Jason Filby