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'''See [[Arwinss]] page for the alternative win32 subsystem implementation effort.'''
'''Kernel-mode subsystem server (Win32K)'''
'''See also [[Win32k_design_guideline]]'''
The Graphics Device Interface Provides functionality for outputting graphical content to monitors, printers and other output devices. It resides in gdi.exe on 16-bit Windows, and [[gdi32.dll]] on 32-bit Windows in user-mode. Kernel-mode GDI support is provided by <code>win32k.sys</code> which communicates directly with the graphics driver.
{{Code history|subsystems/win32/win32k}}
The Graphics Device Interface Provides functionality for outputting graphical content to monitors, printers and other output devices. It resides in gdi.exe on 16-bit Windows, and gdi32.dll on 32-bit Windows in user-mode. Kernel-mode GDI support is provided by '''win32k.sys''' which communicates directly with the graphics driver.
== See also ==
* [[Arwinss]] page for the alternative win32 subsystem implementation effort.
* [[Win32k design guideline]]
* [[Csrss.exe|User-mode subsystem server]]
* [[wikipedia:Windows API#Overview]]
[[Category:System Services]]
* Win32k: Initial implementation of regions and clipping
* Win32k: Object cleanup on process deletion [[Eugene Ingerman]]
* Win32k: Initial window painting code, bitmap loading [[David Welch]]
* Win32k: Callbacks and messaging improvements [[David Welch]]
* Win32k: Mouse messaging [[David Welch]]
* Win32k: DIB Fixes [[Jason Filby]]
* Win32k: Rewrote gdi (Engxxx) objects,
* Made GDI object locking exclusive,
* Added functions for locking multiple objects,
* Color translation now works properly,
* Implemented several DC functions ([[Eugene Ingerman]])
* Win32k: Initial scrollbar code ([[Jason Filby]])
* Win32k: Support for VMware video drivers ([[Gé van Geldorp]])
* Win32k: VGA Driver loaded from registry key ([[Gé van Geldorp]])
* Win32k: Support for MS VGA driver under VMware ([[Gé van Geldorp]])
* Win32k: Add support for 8-bit and 32-bit displays ([[Gé van Geldorp]])
* Win32k: Switch back to the command prompt when pressing Close button ([[Gé van Geldorp]])
* Win32k: Implemented several window positioning functions ([[Richard Campbell]])
* Win32k: InvalidateRgn, InvalidateRect, PolyLine ([[Tim Jobling]])
* Win32k: Added support for allocating a DCE for each window ([[Richard Campbell]])
* Scrollbar thumbs ([[Thomas Weidenmueller]])
* Implemented several scrollbar functions ([[Thomas Weidenmueller]])
* Improved mouse (buttons) handling ([[Thomas Weidenmueller]])
* RoundRect ([[Royce Mitchell III]])
* Implemented partial ReleaseDC() ([[Gé van Geldorp]])
* Fix 1bbp blits ([[Filip Navara]])
* Implement GUI consoles ([[Gé van Geldorp]])
* Resolution and screen depth change support for VMWare ([[Gé van Geldorp]])
* DirectDraw groundwork ([[Peter Bajusz]])
* Window activation/focus ([[Filip Navara]], [[Gé van Geldorp]])
* StretchDIBits implementation ([[Filip Navara]])
* Initial implementation of message hooks ([[Gé van Geldorp]])
* Support for the FR_PRIVATE and FR_NOT_ENUM flags for AddFontResourceEx ([[Thomas Weidenmueller]])
* Implement real locking for GDIOBJ objects ([[Gé van Geldorp]])
* Stretchblitting 32->32, 8->8 bpp implemented ([[Aleksey Bragin]])
* GetMessageExtraInfo and SetMessageExtraInfo implementations ([[Thomas Weidenmueller]])
* Initial implementation of maximize/restore and minimize buttons for windows ([[Thomas Weidenmueller]])
* Implemented WM_SETCURSOR messages ([[Thomas Weidenmueller]])
* Serialize access to display driver ([[Gé van Geldorp]])
* Implemented SetCursor and rewrote some cursor/icon routines ([[Thomas Weidenmueller]])
* Support for RASTERCAPS in NtGdiGetDeviceCaps ([[Filip Navara]])
* RLE4/8 Bitmap Compression support (Jonathan Wilson)
* LR_SHARED flag support for LoadIcon and LoadCursor ([[Thomas Weidenmueller]])
* Rewritten painting implementation ([[Filip Navara]])
* Font smoothing implementation ([[Thomas Weidenmueller]])
* GetGUIThreadInfo implementation ([[Thomas Weidenmueller]])
* EnumProps, EnumPropsEx implementations ([[Thomas Weidenmueller]])
* Marshall messages across process boundaries (not complete yet) and generalize message sending from kernel ([[Gé van Geldorp]])
* Initial NtGdiStretchBlt implementation ([[Aleksey Bragin]])
* Message queue fixes ([[Thomas Weidenmueller]], [[Mike Nordell]])
* Palette fixes ([[Filip Navara]])
* Move desktop window proc from WIN32K to CSRSS ([[Gé van Geldorp]])
* Fixed window activation bug (GA_ROOTOWNER -> GA_ROOT) ([[Filip Navara]])
* Preparing for the win32k emulated mouse cursor support ([[Filip Navara]])
* Implemented MenuItemFromPoint() ([[Thomas Weidenmueller]])
* Fixed hittest-code so it returns HTMENU properly ([[Thomas Weidenmueller]])
* Implemented multiline menu bars ([[Thomas Weidenmueller]])
* Release mutex on error exit ([[Gé van Geldorp]])
* GetAncestor() doesn't set a last-error if the handle passed is the desktop window, it just returns NULL ([[Thomas Weidenmueller]])
* Don't activate disabled windows ([[Thomas Weidenmueller]])
* Release window object when destroying window children and skip only children that have a different parent window ([[Thomas Weidenmueller]])
* Activate modal dialog when clicking on a disabled window ([[Thomas Weidenmueller]])
* Fix cross-thread WM_SETTEXT messages ([[Gé van Geldorp]])
* Dynamically load fonts on startup
* Seperated the Caption font and the icon title font ([[Richard Campbell]])
* Fixed missing release of window objects ([[Thomas Weidenmueller]])
* Resolve two GDI handle leaks ([[Filip Navara]])
* Faster GDI handle allocation strategy ([[Filip Navara]])
* Update DC when moving a window. Fixes bug #5 ([[Gé van Geldorp]], [[Filip Navara]])
* Handle NULL window as special case when computing visible region for GetDC. Fixes bug #59 ([[Gé van Geldorp]])
* Fix NtUserScroll[WindowEx/DC] ([[Filip Navara]])
* Implemented ChildWindowFromPoint(Ex) ([[Richard Campbell]])
* Rewritten NtGdiEllipse with improved and optimized algorithm ([[Filip Navara]])
* Use window thread instead of current thread to obtain desktop ([[Gé van Geldorp]])
* Fix race condition when one thread changes the update region of a window and another thread retrieves a paint message for that window ([[Gé van Geldorp]])
* Don't callback from kernel to usermode if the thread is exiting; fixes bug #83 ([[Gé van Geldorp]])
* Clip region to be bitblt'ed against the valid source region. Fixes bug #152 ([[Gé van Geldorp]])
* Fixed software mouse pointer handling to work correctly with MouseSafety* routines ([[Filip Navara]])
* Fixed algorithm for 4BPP bitblts with ROP != SRCCOPY ([[Filip Navara]])
* Reclaculate window client size in NtUserSetMenu even if the window isn't visible ([[Filip Navara]])
* Properly move child windows in NtUserSetWindowPos ([[Filip Navara]])
* Very basic implementation of ExtEscape ([[Filip Navara]])
* Fix race condition resulting in WM_xBUTTONUP sometimes being delivered before WM_xBUTTONDOWN ([[Gé van Geldorp]])
* Fix double click ([[Gé van Geldorp]])
* Implemented horizontal and vertical gradients in GradientFill() ([[Thomas Weidenmueller]])
* Use GradientFill() for gradient captions ([[Thomas Weidenmueller]])
* Don't copy from/to outside the visible screen region ([[Gé van Geldorp]])
* Return more correct error codes from NtUserRegisterClassExWOW ([[Filip Navara]])
* Delete atom in NtUserUnregisterClass ([[Filip Navara]])
* Corrected DC locking in NtGdiSetDIBColorTable ([[Filip Navara]])
* Check region handles in NtGdiPaintRgn ([[Filip Navara]])
* Added EngGetCurrentProcessId() and EngGetCurrentThreadId() ([[Thomas Weidenmueller]])
* Fixed clipping code in NtGdiGetPixel ([[James Pritchard]])
* Fix distortion by StretchBlt ([[Filip Navara]], [[Waldo Alvarez Cañizares]])
* Implement menu handling ([[Gé van Geldorp]])
* Top level windows have menus, child windows have IDs ([[Gé van Geldorp]])
* SPI_GETNONCLIENTMETRICS and SPI_GETICONTITLELOGFONT now load their settings from the registry ([[Richard Campbell]])
* Fixed WindowFromPoint() to search backwards ([[Thomas Weidenmueller]])
* Fixed 8 8 bpp, 1616 bpp and 32 32 bpp stretchblitting ([[Waldo Alvarez Cañizares]])
* Added pool tags for better debugging ([[Thomas Weidenmueller]])
* Fixed a few race conditions in painting code ([[Filip Navara]])
* Fix double release of fast mutex ([[Gé van Geldorp]])
* Fixed releasing of window object in IntValidateParent and NtUserRedrawWindow ([[Thomas Weidenmueller]])
* Fixed potencial deadlock in IntPaintWindows ([[Thomas Weidenmueller]])
* Modifed DceUpdateVisRgn to correctly handle situations when DceGetVisRgn returns NULL ([[Filip Navara]])
* Fixed the alternative version of VIS_ComputeVisibleRegion and made it the one and only, because it's smaller and faster than the original one ([[Filip Navara]])
* Prevent double unlinking of window ([[Filip Navara]])
* Implement keyboard navigation for menus ([[Gé van Geldorp]])
* Fix mono -> color bitblts ([[Gé van Geldorp]])
* Fixed WindowFromPoint() to send WM_NCHITTEST messages to windows that belong to the current process ([[Thomas Weidenmueller]])
* Fix bug #129 ([[Filip Navara]])
* Fixed bug 167 ([[Art Yerkes]])
*Set the previous pointer from the next block, if some blocks was merged (in add_to_free_list) ([[Hartmut Birr]])
*Free or recycle the remaining path string after a call to ObFindObject ([[Hartmut Birr]])
*Lock the pages always in MmProbeAndLockPages ([[Hartmut Birr]])
*Locked the pages in MmCommitPagedPoolAddress, if it is necessary ([[Hartmut Birr]])
*Marked a cache segment as page out in progress to prevent from recursive calls to MmPageOutPhysicalAddress; fixed bug 220 ([[Hartmut Birr]])
*Protected the callback stack list with a spinlock ([[Hartmut Birr]])
*Made it possible to allocate a pageop only if no other pageop for the given address exists ([[Hartmut Birr]])
*Try to pageout a page only if no other access to the page exist ([[Hartmut Birr]])
*Gave a free page only to the next waiting request (in MmReleasePageMemoryConsumer), if sufficient free pages are available ([[Hartmut Birr]])
*Initialized the object tag to prevent the tag 0xcccccccc ([[Hartmut Birr]])
*Removed dirty loading of symbol files from ExpInitializeExecutive ([[Hartmut Birr]])
*Fixed the loading of symbol files ([[Hartmut Birr]])
*Try to avoid crashing when dumping out a corrupted stack ([[David Welch]])
*Avoid a crashing when trying to process an exception early in the boot process ([[David Welch]])
*Use an event rather than a semaphore to wake up the thread that writes debug output to disk ([[David Welch]])
*Added basic tracing, breakpoints and disassembly to the kernel debugger ([[David Welch]])
*Added disassembler from gdb ([[David Welch]])
*Record feature information from cpuid ([[David Welch]])
*Fixed bug with recalling previous input ([[David Welch]])
*Switch back to text mode when entering the debugger ([[David Welch]])
*Fixed whole page allocations since the handle table code now relies on allocations being eight byte aligned ([[David Welch]])
*Fix reading past the end of the pool block ([[David Welch]])
*Fix key name size calculation bugs ([[Eric Kohl]])
*Fix NtOpenThreadToken() and NtSetInformationThread() ([[Eric Kohl]])
*Clean-up NtQueryInformationToken() ([[Eric Kohl]])
*Fully implement RtlFormatCurrentUserKeyPath() ([[Eric Kohl]])
*Fixed crashes that were cause by the changes to the service parameter table ([[Eric Kohl]])
*Work on thread-awareness in gdbstub ([[Ge van Geldorp]])
*Make IoGetDeviceInterfaces more compatible with the native version ([[Matthew Brace]])
*Hardcode build number consistent with major/minor version (NVidia driver requires this) ([[Ge van Geldorp]])
*Tell apps we're NT4 SP6, VB runtime will fail if we report SP0 ([[Ge van Geldorp]])
*Allow GDB 6 to backtrace over a syscall ([[Ge van Geldorp]])
*Disable pool validation since it slows down execution too much ([[Ge van Geldorp]])
*Locale values are specified in hexadecimal numbers ([[Filip Navara]])
*Corrected EiAllocatePool prototype ([[Filip Navara]])
*Fixed RtlNtStatusToDosErrorNoTeb ([[Filip Navara]])
*Removed the incorrect implementations of Device Interface functions ([[Filip Navara]])
*Don't zero memory allocated by ExAllocatePool ([[Filip Navara]])
*Fixed RtlFormatCurrentUserKeyPath and it's use ([[Filip Navara]])
*Fill correctly all members of the returned device object in IoCreateDevice ([[Filip Navara]])
*Don't bug check in loader when export isn't found, only report it and don't load the module ([[Filip Navara]])
*If we know a module path while loading, use it for searching for the import modules ([[Filip Navara]])
*Modified LdrpBuildModuleBaseName to not strip the extension from file name ([[Filip Navara]])
*Call create process notify routines from NtCreateProcess ([[Filip Navara]])
*Started PsSetLoadImageNotifyRoutine implementation, it just registers the callback, but doesn't call it ([[Filip Navara]])
*Fixed querying of thread locale ([[Filip Navara]])
*Implemented IoGetDriverObjectExtension and IoAllocateDriverObjectExtension ([[Filip Navara]])
*Don't load PnP drivers if they're disabled ([[Filip Navara]])
*Save pointer to PnP tree device node in device object's DeviceObjectExtension ([[Filip Navara]])
*Add function IopGetDeviceNode for getting device node from device object pointer ([[Filip Navara]])
*Rewritten IoGetDeviceProperty to use values that are in device node instead of sending Irps ([[Filip Navara]])
*Lower IRQL in error case of IoAllocateDriverObjectExtension ([[Filip Navara]])
*Support for upper level filter drivers ([[Filip Navara]])
*Rewritten some driver loading functions to get higher control of the driver loading and initialization process, fixes bug #263 ([[Filip Navara]])
*Added support for lower level filter drivers ([[Filip Navara]])
*Minor cleanup and fixed few memory leaks on driver unload ([[Filip Navara]])
*Fixed a minor bug in IopLoadServiceModule that caused crashes for disabled drivers ([[Filip Navara]])
*Don't bugcheck if FDO wasn't attached ([[Filip Navara]])
*Fixed cygwin fork section map problem, this fixes map_dup_inherit ([[Art Yerkes, David Welch]])
*MmMapLockedPages patch ([[Anich Gregor]])
*Initialize LPC-related fields in ETHREAD ([[Emanuele Aliberti]])
*Finish off NtDuplicateToken ([[Jason Filby]])

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Kernel-mode subsystem server (Win32K)

The Graphics Device Interface Provides functionality for outputting graphical content to monitors, printers and other output devices. It resides in gdi.exe on 16-bit Windows, and gdi32.dll on 32-bit Windows in user-mode. Kernel-mode GDI support is provided by win32k.sys which communicates directly with the graphics driver.

Commit history (Source code can be found in: /reactos/subsystems/win32/win32k)

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