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This page is a central place to collect information for people who like to do something in the wiki.

Purpose of this article

The purpose is to get a list of articles which need maintenance work or could be much better. Criteria for that kind may be outdated or obsolete articles. You may also add articles, that are needed in this wiki, but be sure that they fit into testing, developing or documentation for ReactOS.

List of articles sorted by relevance

Article Comment
Writing tests article is based on CIS, which isn't used, we have buildbot, it would be more important to give a introduction on how to write tests, e.g. for Kernel APIs
Development Introduction could be much more extended, needs a review
Testing Introduction the text from the last few headlines is outdated and doesn't help very much
Version Status could get a more uniform look
Kernel could be extended and merged to Techwiki
ReactOS parts explained too much headlines, maybe give only a small overview, adding a __NOTOC__ isn't a solution

perhaps could break down into multiple pages, one for each subtree -- Lone Rifle 08:02, 23 October 2008 (UTC)