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| [[Gopher]] || Outdated
| [[Gopher]] || Outdated
| [[HAL]] || Stub
| [[Hardware Abstraction Layer]] || Stub
| [[Idle Process]] || Stub
| [[Idle Process]] || Stub
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== See also ==
== See also ==

Latest revision as of 04:49, 19 March 2019

The purpose of this page is to direct users to articles that need attention and improvement. These articles may need more information, verification, or better organization. If you plan to create a new page, make sure it is relevant to the ReactOS project (pages dealing with testing, development, or documentation).

General cleanup

Win32 Subsystem
System/User dlls
Page Status
Advapi32.dll Stub
Comctl32.dll Stub
Comdlg32.dll Stub
Crtdll.dll Stub
Gdi32.dll Stub
Iphlpapi.dll Stub
Kernel32.dll Stub
Mmdrv.dll Stub
Msgina.dll Stub
Msvcrt.dll Stub
Oleaut32.dll Stub
Oledlg.dll Stub
Opengl32.dll Stub
Richedit.dll Stub
Rpcrt4.dll Stub
Shlwapi.dll Stub
Syssetup.dll Stub
Userenv.dll Stub
Uxtheme.dll Stub
Vgaddi.dll Stub
Kernel-Mode Drivers
Page Status
Atapi.sys Stub
Bootvid.sys Stub
Cdrom.sys Stub
Class2.sys Stub
Disk.sys Stub
Floppy.sys Stub
Fs rec.sys Stub
Mup.sys Stub
Ntfs.sys Stub
Pci.sys Stub
Pciide.sys Stub
Pciidex.sys Stub
Scsiport.sys Stub
Sermouse.sys Stub
Vbemp.sys Stub
Vgamp.sys Stub
Videoprt.sys Stub
Win32k.sys Stub
Page Status
Arwinss Outdated
Cdmake Stub
Cmd.exe Stub
Csrss.exe Stub
DPRINT codes Stub
File Bugs Outdated
Fonts Outdated
Gopher Outdated
Hardware Abstraction Layer Stub
Idle Process Stub
Ipconfig.exe Stub
Kernel Coding Style Stub
Locking Stub
Login System Outdated
MUI Stub
Memory Manager Stub
Message System Rework Outdated
Modify the final ISO image Outdated
ROSE Outdated
ReactOS Core Stub
ReactOS Explorer Stub
ReactX Outdated
Samba Stub
Sc.exe Stub
System Services Stub
USB Stub
Userinit.exe Stub
Version Status Outdated
WinDBG Stub
WinDNS Outdated
WinDNS Outdated
Writing tests Outdated

See also

  • Orphaned pages – Pages that are not linked anywhere, making them inaccessible except through a search.
  • Uncategorized pages – Pages that are not in any categories.