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I have the following idea that Windows never got. Another eye candy I would like is to see animated icon on my desktop acting to report something or simply to do something when clicked. For example a ringing telephone when an incomming conection is coming in or a jumping mail when a new one arrived. Hey the tray could be animated too.

Yeah, that sounds good, I think that could be done by using animated gifs, what shouldn't be hard to implement. Maybe you could create an xml file with instructions which gif to load at which action. That could be a great feature.

I wonder if it would be possible to port Enlightenment...? martinultima 14:56, 6 Oct 2005 (CEST)

Great idea! I think that good example of such thing which works already in Windows (but unfortunately is not OSS) IconPackager. temarez, Jan-18-2006

Yeah, but IconPackager can only replace the icons which are definable in the registry and/or desktop.ini sections, as I stated in the first part of the article. For instance, it can't replace the icon on the start button, or any of the classic start menu icons (it will give you a warning you can only replace the "Start Panel" icons).

ReactOS native theming format.

Comment (by Floyd)

I would like to see a native ReactOS format. I was thinking we should use archive or single .zip files where the resources are logically structured.

[start zip]

configuration.theme type file

.\graphics\ subfolder for all the graphic elements

.\wallpaper\ subfolder for the wallpaper options

.\sounds\ subfolder for the sounds

.\cursors\ subfolder for cursors

[end zip]

It wouldn't even need to be compressed, but having a single theming file would be much nicer for the user. Much like winamp's .wsz files or quake3's .pk3 files. The "icing on the cake" would be to have a program that creates the core .theme file like Windows' themes.exe file.