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My comments to your main page idea

  • The design is interesting, but I don't like it that dark and grey. In any case, the used icons look enlarged and should be replaced.
    For the moment, I'd suggest keeping the original Tango icons without any color changes, but you may also convince me of another consistent design.
  • The headline font is also a nice idea, but IMO it makes us look more like a retro gaming project rather than an OS. Besides, MS Sans Serif is not a font guaranteed to exist on every machine.
  • After all, the Wiki main page should contain more links to Wiki pages. Currently it looks like 50:50 (RosCMS Links - Wiki Links), though it'd be great if we could exclusively focus on Wiki pages on the Wiki main page. The RosCMS pages are all linked on other RosCMS pages, so we don't need to double the amount of links to them. Additionally, categories like "ABOUT" don't really belong to the developer page: If you want to develop/test ReactOS, you should have already read the basic RosCMS pages and know about ROS then.

Looking forward to the next version :-)

--Colin Finck 00:52, 7 June 2009 (UTC)