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How about cleaning the startmenu to be more windows like?

How about finally adding 32-bit icon support? ;)

Yes, start menu should be made more like the Windows 2000 one (I don't like, and don't think it's right as of now to use the XP one). This is what I was implying with this item on the list:

"Start menu should be prettified a bit as well. Make some stuff bigger." --Alex Ionescu 08:28, 15 Aug 2005 (CEST)

The taskbar and startmenu's look definitely needs to be tweaked. Here are a few suggestions of mine:

  • The start button needs to be several pixels larger in height and positioned a tiny bit more to the left. The "Start" text needs to be centered vertically and the font itself should be in bold. (The ReactOS icon really looks nice!)
  • The desktop switcher should be disabled by default or at least moved out of the quicklaunch bar.
  • The time in the icon bar should be centered vertically.
  • the hide/show unused icons in the icon bar looks a bit out of line with the rest. I think a simple bevelled equilateral triangle would look nicer.

--witukind 13:13, 23 Aug 2005 (CET)

640x480 Is critical. The system must fall back to 640x480 if it cannot detect monitor type. Yes I still find 15 inch 640x480 only monitors. I aggree with run 800x600 it will look nicer but 640x480 is critical that if monitor cannot be detected to drop to it as a fail safe. Ie startup size sould be setable some LCD screen 800x600 looks only a little less stupid than 640x480 due to black boarder around screen.

Virtual Demision(I have spelt this wrong it's on sourceforge is a Virtual Desktop thing) Transparent Drag windows option like the Virtual Demision transparent window. Transparent windows options.

Yes I a linux user and one of the best parts of X11 is the means to drag a window with only a boarder so you can see what you will be draging to over the top of. This option is also performance boast option for low end systems. Programs not having to redraw while moving a window. Yep max Transparent delete the inside contents from screen of a window and drag. --Oiaohm 01:55, 26 Aug 2005 (CEST)

Please let some space in the design for text-mode only bootstrap. This is not a "User Wow Factos", but a necessity if we want ROS ported to as many platforms as possible (including those without graphics output).?Sign next time?

Text Mode only Hmm I don't know how useful that will be since most windows programs want GUI to configure them Ok a few Ideas just the same. Like setting 800x600 and so on for splash screen means of setting the text mode 80x25,80x50...all the support sizes of the platform. Termial redirection ie Serial port or Network Port RDP or VNC could be provided as monitor so user can access the GUI config tools required by some programs. I like this look of the linux text mode boot up what is loading OK or Failed in nice colours Green and Red.

Support for linux shells would be nice. Basicly unless I have missed something there is not much to the text side nowhere near as fun to talk about. --Oiaohm 02:08, 4 Sep 2005 (CEST)

Someone wrote: "Ship with Freeldr timeout set to 0. Freeldr is both ugly, overly-confusing for true newbies, and makes booting seem longer." I have to disagree strongly! If i am a newbie, i will install ReactOS overconfident and if the timeout is set to 0 i would become crazy once i realize i can not boot my windows XP (or 98 for the matter), being a newbie i could not be able to edit the freeloader preferences at all. Freeloader might be ugly, but it is NOT CONFUSING at all, and lets people still boot their windows if they wish.

--With best regards from Lucio Diaz.

Hmm FreeLdr is worse in look than Grub and lacks theming Grub has a setable back ground image so it can at least look a little nice. And a reactos loader to Grub would in some ways be better than FreeLdr. I have never like chain loading if I could avoid it. FreeLdr needs work or replacement.

--Oiaohm 01:00, 12 Sep 2005 (CEST)

I think the devs have to take this ideas serious! --Dominik 17:01, 27 December 2005 (CET)