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Michael Wu

IRC nickname ?
Location Stockholm, Sweden
E-Mail im.allergic.2.mailing.lists [at]
Homepage [1]

About me

Nick: ? (IRC), Witch (forums)
Interests: Macroeconomics, End Software Patents, Debian, Python/Django
Contact: If you can't reach me on the forums. Then just call the president!  ;)

What I'm doing here

  • To unlock the power of OSE and make ReactOS reach it's true potential!
  • Translate ReactOS in these languages: Swedish, Na'vi
    • Perhaps simplify the translation/patch work process for newcomers.
  • Help make ReactOS into the #1 operating system in the world.

Currently working on

  • Na'vi translation project (Work in progress...)
  • OSE

Budget year 2030

80%.gif - I'm here.

Donations, don't be afraid - Quote

There is honor in holding out that rice bowl. For many people asking for help goes against their sensibility. Yet, as a developer of Open Source software you must overcome this obstacle. Like the Buddhist monk with his rice bowl, the church with its donation box, or the Public Radio station with its pledge drive you must also ask for support.

  • ( 3 x 3,000 € ) / month -------> 9,000 €
  • during a period of 3 years. -------> ( 9,000 € x 12 months x 3 years ) = 324,000 €
  • 10 chosen ones. -------> ( 324,000 € x 10 ) = 3,240,000 €

Total: ~3,240,000 €

  1. What criteria should those 10 programmers fulfill before game time?
  2. How should the elections be done?
  3. What's the least common denominator regarding the monthly paycheck for those 10 programmers. Most likely located in different parts of the world?
  4. etc. etc.

Vicious Circle of the Financial Crisis MOD

195px-Fire triangle.png

I made a minor Mod based on Paul Krugman's Vicious Circle of the Financial Crisis diagram, page 91. (I hope he doesn't mind) :-P

The Return of Depression Economics and the Crisis of 2008 - author: Paul Krugman
ISBN: 978-91-7343-255-9

Mod 1.

  1. Fuel = Falling currency, increasing interest rates and economic fall.
  2. Oxygen = Fincancial problems for businesses, banks and households.
  3. Heat = Reduced trust.

When one component in the triangle falls out of place the fire disappears.