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I grew up on DOS and Windows 3.1, and have used every version of windows up to XP SP2. In 2002 I grew tired of losing my entire profile when reloading XP for the Nth time, and switch to Slackware linux as my primary OS. I came to the ReactOS project after reading about the 0.2.2? release. I've since taken up residence in #reactos as WaxDragon.

It seems that I have become profient with svn and mingw to the point that I build my own bootcd's from svn almost every day. I have submitted small patches for specific bugs I find in testing. I have worked with Art Yerkes quite a bit on testing the tcpip stack, and I hope to assist in the furture testing of ReactOS!

I live in Ohio, U.S.A. with my wife and baby girl, and work as a systems engineer at a "data" company.

TODO: Add my hardware configs to this page.