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* [[RosBE-assembly]]
* [[RosBE-assembly]]
* [[ReactOS-Versioning]]

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Timo Kreuzer

IRC Nickname: tkreuzer

Forum nick: ThePhysicist

Obsolete SVN Name: tkreuzer

Country: Germany

City: Schönberg

Scope of interest in ReactOS Development: ntoskrnl, hal, freeldr, win32k and related, 64 bit port

About Me

I am a software engineer from Germany. Before I came to ReactOS, I had some basic Programming knowledge, mostly Pascal, VB, Assembler and after my computer science studies a little Java. Don't really know when I first stumbled upon ReactOS, maybe in 2004. I joined the ReactOS community on April 2005. I began to learn C and soon commited a few small patches. In January 2007 I became a ReactOS developer. I started with working on the desk.cpl appearance page, later I worked on win32k, which is my favourite place. And there's enough todo ;-)



  • DIB rewrite
  • Font driver support
  • More C++ thingies


  • Finally implement managing the commit limit


  • Make 64 bits great again!