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Michael Wirth's TODO list:

  • Find a new solution for the ReactOS Website (New CMS?)
  • Create a uniform registration/login system for Wiki/Forum/Blogs/Website

Other peoples TODO list for Michael Wirth:

(Sign yourself with ** ~~~~ (2nd button from right in the editing toolbar) or appropriate after the comment. Civility please he IS doing all this for us ;) :D)

  • Elevate to the same degree as .com (EG. Add forum/ along with .com, and also, svn., and any other subdomains on the ROS site.
  • Redirect the "Blogs" link to the new subdomain,
    • 22:37, 31 Jan 2005 (CET)
    • If possible make the new blogs show up where the old ones did
    • If possible import the old ones into the new system