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This page functions as a reference page, with a list of all the functions of each library and their respective status. It lists only those that are exclusive to ReactOS and not those imported from Wine.


Functions of acledit.dll Is prototyped? Is implemented?
EditAuditInfo Yes No
EditOwnerInfo Yes No
EditPermissionInfo Yes No
DllMain Yes Yes
FMExtensionProcW Yes No
SedDiscretionaryAclEditor Yes No
SedSystemAclEditor Yes No
SedTakeOwnership Yes No
Functions of aclui.dll Is prototyped? Is implemented?
CreateSecurityPage Yes Yes
EditSecurity Yes Yes
Functions of advapi32.dll Is prototyped? Is implemented?
I_ScGetCurrentGroupStateW Yes Yes
A_SHAFinal Yes Yes
A_SHAInit Yes Yes
A_SHAUpdate Yes Yes
AbortSystemShutdownA Yes Yes
AbortSystemShutdownW Yes Yes
AccessCheck Yes Yes
AccessCheckAndAuditAlarmA Yes Yes
AccessCheckAndAuditAlarmW Yes Yes
AccessCheckByType Yes Yes
AccessCheckByTypeAndAuditAlarmA Yes Yes
AccessCheckByTypeAndAuditAlarmW Yes Yes
AccessCheckByTypeResultList No No
AccessCheckByTypeResultListAndAuditAlarmA Yes Yes
AccessCheckByTypeResultListAndAuditAlarmByHandleA Yes Yes
AccessCheckByTypeResultListAndAuditAlarmByHandleW Yes Yes
AccessCheckByTypeResultListAndAuditAlarmW Yes Yes
AddAccessAllowedAce Yes Yes
AddAccessAllowedAceEx Yes Yes
AddAccessAllowedObjectAce Yes Yes
AddAccessDeniedAce Yes Yes
AddAccessDeniedAceEx Yes Yes
AddAccessDeniedObjectAce Yes Yes
AddAce Yes Yes
AddAuditAccessAce Yes Yes
AddAuditAccessAceEx Yes Yes
AddAuditAccessObjectAce Yes Yes
AddUsersToEncryptedFile Yes Yes
AdjustTokenGroups Yes Yes
AdjustTokenPrivileges Yes Yes
AllocateAndInitializeSid Yes Yes
AllocateLocallyUniqueId Yes Yes
AreAllAccessesGranted Yes Yes
AreAnyAccessesGranted Yes Yes
BackupEventLogA Yes Yes
BackupEventLogW Yes Yes
BuildExplicitAccessWithNameA Yes Yes
BuildExplicitAccessWithNameW Yes Yes
BuildImpersonateExplicitAccessWithNameA Yes Yes
BuildImpersonateExplicitAccessWithNameW Yes Yes
BuildImpersonateTrusteeA Yes Yes
BuildImpersonateTrusteeW Yes Yes
BuildSecurityDescriptorA Yes Yes
BuildSecurityDescriptorW Yes Yes
BuildTrusteeWithNameA Yes Yes
BuildTrusteeWithNameW Yes Yes
BuildTrusteeWithObjectsAndNameA Yes Yes
BuildTrusteeWithObjectsAndNameW Yes Yes
BuildTrusteeWithObjectsAndSidA Yes Yes
BuildTrusteeWithObjectsAndSidW Yes Yes
BuildTrusteeWithSidA Yes Yes
BuildTrusteeWithSidW Yes Yes
CancelOverlappedAccess No No
ChangeServiceConfigA Yes Yes
ChangeServiceConfigW Yes Yes
ChangeServiceConfigA Yes Yes
ChangeServiceConfigW Yes Yes
CheckTokenMembership Yes Yes
ClearEventLogA Yes Yes
ClearEventLogW Yes Yes
CloseCodeAuthzLevel No No
CloseEncryptedFileRaw Yes Yes
CloseEventLog Yes Yes
CloseServiceHandle Yes Yes
CloseTrace No No
CommandLineFromMsiDescriptor Yes Yes
ComputeAccessTokenFromCodeAuthzLevel No No
ControlService Yes Yes
ControlTraceAdouble Yes Yes
ControlTraceWdouble Yes Yes
ConvertAccessToSecurityDescriptorA No No
ConvertAccessToSecurityDescriptorW No No
ConvertSDToStringSDRootDomainA No No
ConvertSDToStringSDRootDomainW No No
ConvertSecurityDescriptorToAccessA No No
ConvertSecurityDescriptorToAccessNamedA No No
ConvertSecurityDescriptorToAccessNamedW No No
ConvertSecurityDescriptorToAccessW No No
ConvertSecurityDescriptorToStringSecurityDescriptorA Yes Yes
ConvertSecurityDescriptorToStringSecurityDescriptorW Yes Yes
ConvertSidToStringSidA Yes Yes
ConvertSidToStringSidW Yes Yes
ConvertStringSDToSDDomainA No No
ConvertStringSDToSDDomainW No No
ConvertStringSDToSDRootDomainA No No
ConvertStringSDToSDRootDomainW No No
ConvertStringSecurityDescriptorToSecurityDescriptorA Yes Yes
ConvertStringSecurityDescriptorToSecurityDescriptorW Yes Yes
ConvertStringSidToSidA Yes Yes
ConvertStringSidToSidW Yes Yes
ConvertToAutoInheritPrivateObjectSecurity Yes Yes
CopySid Yes Yes
CreateCodeAuthzLevel No No
CreatePrivateObjectSecurity Yes Yes
CreatePrivateObjectSecurityEx Yes Yes
CreatePrivateObjectSecurityWithMultipleInheritance Yes Yes
CreateProcessAsUserA Yes Yes
CreateProcessAsUserW Yes Yes
CreateProcessWithLogonW Yes Yes
CreateProcessWithTokenW Yes Yes
CreateReictedToken Yes Yes
CreateServiceA Yes Yes
CreateServiceW Yes Yes
CreateTraceInstanceId Yes Yes
CreateWellKnownSid Yes Yes
CredDeleteA Yes Yes
CredDeleteW Yes Yes
CredEnumerateA Yes Yes
CredEnumerateW Yes Yes
CredFree Yes Yes
CredGetSessionTypes Yes Yes
CredGetTargetInfoA No No
CredGetTargetInfoW No No
CredIsMarshaledCredentialA Yes Yes
CredIsMarshaledCredentialW Yes Yes
CredMarshalCredentialA Yes Yes
CredMarshalCredentialW Yes Yes
CredProfileLoaded No No
CredReadA Yes Yes
CredReadDomainCredentialsA Yes Yes
CredReadDomainCredentialsW Yes Yes
CredReadW Yes Yes
CredRenameA No No
CredRenameW No No
CredUnmarshalCredentialA Yes Yes
CredUnmarshalCredentialW Yes Yes
CredWriteA Yes Yes
CredWriteDomainCredentialsW No No
CredWriteW Yes Yes
CredpConvertCredential No No
CredpConvertTargetInfo No No
CredpDecodeCredential No No
CredpEncodeCredential No No
CryptAcquireContextA Yes Yes
CryptAcquireContextW Yes Yes
CryptContextAddRef Yes Yes
CryptCreateHash Yes Yes
CryptDecrypt Yes Yes
CryptDeriveKey Yes Yes
CryptDeoyHash Yes Yes
CryptDeoyKey Yes Yes
CryptDuplicateHash Yes Yes
CryptDuplicateKey Yes Yes
CryptEncrypt Yes Yes
CryptEnumProviderTypesA Yes Yes
CryptEnumProviderTypesW Yes Yes
CryptEnumProvidersA Yes Yes
CryptEnumProvidersW Yes Yes
CryptExportKey Yes Yes
CryptGenKey Yes Yes
CryptGenRandom Yes Yes
CryptGetDefaultProviderA Yes Yes
CryptGetDefaultProviderW Yes Yes
CryptGetHashParam Yes Yes
CryptGetKeyParam Yes Yes
CryptGetProvParam Yes Yes
CryptGetUserKey Yes Yes
CryptHashData Yes Yes
CryptHashSessionKey Yes Yes
CryptImportKey Yes Yes
CryptReleaseContext Yes Yes
CryptSetHashParam Yes Yes
CryptSetKeyParam Yes Yes
CryptSetProvParam Yes Yes
CryptSetProviderA Yes Yes
CryptSetProviderExA Yes Yes
CryptSetProviderExW Yes Yes
CryptSetProviderW Yes Yes
CryptSignHashA Yes Yes
CryptSignHashW Yes Yes
CryptVerifySignatureA Yes Yes
CryptVerifySignatureW Yes Yes
DecryptFileA Yes Yes
DecryptFileW Yes Yes
DeleteAce Yes Yes
DeleteService Yes Yes
DeregisterEventSource Yes Yes
DeoyPrivateObjectSecurity Yes Yes
DuplicateEncryptionInfoFile No No
DuplicateToken Yes Yes
DuplicateTokenEx Yes Yes
ElfBackupEventLogFileA Yes Yes
ElfBackupEventLogFileW Yes Yes
ElfChangeNotify Yes Yes
ElfClearEventLogFileA Yes Yes
ElfClearEventLogFileW Yes Yes
ElfCloseEventLog Yes Yes
ElfDeregisterEventSource Yes Yes
ElfFlushEventLog Yes Yes
ElfNumberOfRecords Yes Yes
ElfOldestRecord Yes Yes
ElfOpenBackupEventLogA Yes Yes
ElfOpenBackupEventLogW Yes Yes
ElfOpenEventLogA Yes Yes
ElfOpenEventLogW Yes Yes
ElfReadEventLogA Yes Yes
ElfReadEventLogW Yes Yes
ElfRegisterEventSourceA Yes Yes
ElfRegisterEventSourceW Yes Yes
ElfReportEventA Yes Yes
ElfReportEventAndSourceW Yes Yes
ElfReportEventW Yes Yes
EnableTrace Yes Yes
EncryptFileA Yes Yes
EncryptFileW Yes Yes
EncryptedFileKeyInfo No No
EncryptionDisable Yes Yes
EnumDependentServicesA Yes Yes
EnumDependentServicesW Yes Yes
EnumServiceGroupW Yes Yes
EnumServicesStatusA Yes Yes
EnumServicesStatusExA Yes Yes
EnumServicesStatusExW Yes Yes
EnumServicesStatusW Yes Yes
EnumerateTraceGuids Yes Yes
EqualDomainSid Yes Yes
EqualPrefixSid Yes Yes
EqualSid Yes Yes
FileEncryptionStatusA Yes Yes
FileEncryptionStatusW Yes Yes
FindFirstFreeAce Yes Yes
FlushTraceAdouble Yes Yes
FlushTraceWdouble Yes Yes
FreeEncryptedFileKeyInfo No No
FreeEncryptionCertificateHashList Yes Yes
FreeInheritedFromArray Yes Yes
FreeSid Yes Yes
GetAccessPermissionsForObjectA No No
GetAccessPermissionsForObjectW No No
GetAce Yes Yes
GetAclInformation Yes Yes
GetAuditedPermissionsFromAclA Yes Yes
GetAuditedPermissionsFromAclW Yes Yes
GetCurrentHwProfileA Yes Yes
GetCurrentHwProfileW Yes Yes
GetEffectiveRightsFromAclA Yes Yes
GetEffectiveRightsFromAclW Yes Yes
GetEventLogInformation Yes Yes
GetExplicitEntriesFromAclA advapi.GetExplicitEntriesFromAclW Yes Yes
GetExplicitEntriesFromAclW Yes Yes
GetFileSecurityA Yes Yes
GetFileSecurityW Yes Yes
GetInformationCodeAuthzLevelW No No
GetInformationCodeAuthzPolicyW No No
GetInheritanceSourceA Yes Yes
GetInheritanceSourceW Yes Yes
GetKernelObjectSecurity Yes Yes
GetLengthSid Yes Yes
GetLocalManagedApplicationData No No
GetLocalManagedApplications No No
GetManagedApplicationCategories No No
GetManagedApplications No No
GetMultipleTrusteeA Yes Yes
GetMultipleTrusteeOperationA Yes Yes
GetMultipleTrusteeOperationW Yes Yes
GetMultipleTrusteeW Yes Yes
GetNamedSecurityInfoA Yes Yes
GetNamedSecurityInfoExA No No
GetNamedSecurityInfoExW No No
GetNamedSecurityInfoW Yes Yes
GetNumberOfEventLogRecords Yes Yes
GetOldestEventLogRecord Yes Yes
GetOverlappedAccessResults No No
GetPrivateObjectSecurity Yes Yes
GetSecurityDescriptorControl Yes Yes
GetSecurityDescriptorDacl Yes Yes
GetSecurityDescriptorGroup Yes Yes
GetSecurityDescriptorLength Yes Yes
GetSecurityDescriptorOwner Yes Yes
GetSecurityDescriptorRMControl Yes Yes
GetSecurityDescriptorSacl Yes Yes
GetSecurityInfo Yes Yes
GetSecurityInfoExA Yes Yes
GetSecurityInfoExW Yes Yes
GetServiceDisplayNameA Yes Yes
GetServiceDisplayNameW Yes Yes
GetServiceKeyNameA Yes Yes
GetServiceKeyNameW Yes Yes
GetSidIdentifierAuthority Yes Yes
GetSidLengthRequired Yes Yes
GetSidSubAuthority Yes Yes
GetSidSubAuthorityCount Yes Yes
GetTokenInformation Yes Yes
GetTraceEnableFlagsdouble Yes Yes
GetTraceEnableLeveldouble Yes Yes
GetTraceLoggerHandle Yes Yes
GetTrusteeFormA Yes Yes
GetTrusteeFormW Yes Yes
GetTrusteeNameA Yes Yes
GetTrusteeNameW Yes Yes
GetTrusteeTypeA Yes Yes
GetTrusteeTypeW Yes Yes
GetUserNameA Yes Yes
GetUserNameW Yes Yes
GetWindowsAccountDomainSid Yes Yes
I_QueryTagInformation No No
I_ScIsSecurityProcess Yes Yes
I_ScPnPGetServiceName Yes Yes
I_ScSendTSMessage No No
I_ScSetServiceBitsA Yes Yes
I_ScSetServiceBitsW Yes Yes
IdentifyCodeAuthzLevelW No No
ImpersonateAnonymousToken Yes Yes
ImpersonateLoggedOnUser Yes Yes
ImpersonateNamedPipeClient Yes Yes
ImpersonateSelf Yes Yes
InitializeAcl Yes Yes
InitializeSecurityDescriptor Yes Yes
InitializeSid Yes Yes
InitiateSystemShutdownA Yes Yes
InitiateSystemShutdownExA Yes Yes
InitiateSystemShutdownExW Yes Yes
InitiateSystemShutdownW Yes Yes
InstallApplication No No
IsTextUnicode Yes Yes
IsTokenReicted Yes Yes
IsTokenUntrusted No No
IsValidAcl Yes Yes
IsValidSecurityDescriptor Yes Yes
IsValidSid Yes Yes
IsWellKnownSid Yes Yes
LockServiceDatabase Yes Yes
LogonUserA Yes Yes
LogonUserExA Yes Yes
LogonUserExW Yes Yes
LogonUserW Yes Yes
LookupAccountNameA Yes Yes
LookupAccountNameW Yes Yes
LookupAccountSidA Yes Yes
LookupAccountSidW Yes Yes
LookupPrivilegeDisplayNameA Yes Yes
LookupPrivilegeDisplayNameW Yes Yes
LookupPrivilegeNameA Yes Yes
LookupPrivilegeNameW Yes Yes
LookupPrivilegeValueA Yes Yes
LookupPrivilegeValueW Yes Yes
LookupSecurityDescriptorPartsA No No
LookupSecurityDescriptorPartsW No No
LsaAddAccountRights Yes Yes
LsaAddPrivilegesToAccount Yes Yes
LsaClearAuditLog Yes Yes
LsaClose Yes Yes
LsaCreateAccount Yes Yes
LsaCreateSecret Yes Yes
LsaCreateTrustedDomain Yes Yes
LsaCreateTrustedDomainEx Yes Yes
LsaDelete Yes Yes
LsaDeleteTrustedDomain Yes Yes
LsaEnumerateAccountRights Yes Yes
LsaEnumerateAccounts Yes Yes
LsaEnumerateAccountsWithUserRight Yes Yes
LsaEnumeratePrivileges Yes Yes
LsaEnumeratePrivilegesOfAccount Yes Yes
LsaEnumerateTrustedDomains Yes Yes
LsaEnumerateTrustedDomainsEx Yes Yes
LsaFreeMemory Yes Yes
LsaGetQuotasForAccount Yes Yes
LsaGetRemoteUserName Yes Yes
LsaGetSystemAccessAccount Yes Yes
LsaGetUserName Yes Yes
LsaICLookupNames No No
LsaICLookupNamesWithCreds No No
LsaICLookupSids No No
LsaICLookupSidsWithCreds No No
LsaLookupNames Yes Yes
LsaLookupNames Yes Yes
LsaLookupPrivilegeDisplayName Yes Yes
LsaLookupPrivilegeName Yes Yes
LsaLookupPrivilegeValue Yes Yes
LsaLookupSids Yes Yes
LsaNtStatusToWinError Yes Yes
LsaOpenAccount Yes Yes
LsaOpenPolicy Yes Yes
LsaOpenPolicySce Yes Yes
LsaOpenSecret Yes Yes
LsaOpenTrustedDomain Yes Yes
LsaOpenTrustedDomainByName Yes Yes
LsaQueryDomainInformationPolicy Yes Yes
LsaQueryForestTrustInformation Yes Yes
LsaQueryInfoTrustedDomain Yes Yes
LsaQueryInformationPolicy Yes Yes
LsaQuerySecret Yes Yes
LsaQuerySecurityObject Yes Yes
LsaQueryTrustedDomainInfo Yes Yes
LsaQueryTrustedDomainInfoByName Yes Yes
LsaRemoveAccountRights Yes Yes
LsaRemovePrivilegesFromAccount Yes Yes
LsaRetrievePrivateData Yes Yes
LsaSetDomainInformationPolicy Yes Yes
LsaSetForestTrustInformation Yes Yes
LsaSetInformationPolicy Yes Yes
LsaSetInformationTrustedDomain Yes Yes
LsaSetQuotasForAccount Yes Yes
LsaSetSecret Yes Yes
LsaSetSecurityObject Yes Yes
LsaSetSystemAccessAccount Yes Yes
LsaSetTrustedDomainInfoByName Yes Yes
LsaSetTrustedDomainInformation Yes Yes
LsaStorePrivateData Yes Yes
MDFinal Yes Yes
MDInit Yes Yes
MDUpdate Yes Yes
MDFinal Yes Yes
MDInit Yes Yes
MDUpdate Yes Yes
MSChapSrvChangePassword No No
MSChapSrvChangePassword No No
MakeAbsoluteSD Yes Yes
MakeAbsoluteSD Yes Yes
MakeSelfRelativeSD Yes Yes
MapGenericMask Yes Yes
NotifyBootConfigStatus Yes Yes
NotifyChangeEventLog Yes Yes
ObjectCloseAuditAlarmA Yes Yes
ObjectCloseAuditAlarmW Yes Yes
ObjectDeleteAuditAlarmA Yes Yes
ObjectDeleteAuditAlarmW Yes Yes
ObjectOpenAuditAlarmA Yes Yes
ObjectOpenAuditAlarmW Yes Yes
ObjectPrivilegeAuditAlarmA Yes Yes
ObjectPrivilegeAuditAlarmW Yes Yes
OpenBackupEventLogA Yes Yes
OpenBackupEventLogW Yes Yes
OpenEncryptedFileRawA Yes Yes
OpenEncryptedFileRawW Yes Yes
OpenEventLogA Yes Yes
OpenEventLogW Yes Yes
OpenProcessToken Yes Yes
OpenSCManagerA Yes Yes
OpenSCManagerW Yes Yes
OpenServiceA Yes Yes
OpenServiceW Yes Yes
OpenThreadToken Yes Yes
OpenTraceA Yes Yes
OpenTraceW Yes Yes
PrivilegeCheck Yes Yes
PrivilegedServiceAuditAlarmA Yes Yes
PrivilegedServiceAuditAlarmW Yes Yes
ProcessIdleTasks No No
ProcessTrace Yes Yes
QueryAllTracesA Yes Yes
QueryAllTracesW Yes Yes
QueryRecoveryAgentsOnEncryptedFile Yes Yes
QueryServiceConfigA Yes Yes
QueryServiceConfigW Yes Yes
QueryServiceConfigA Yes Yes
QueryServiceConfigW Yes Yes
QueryServiceLockStatusA Yes Yes
QueryServiceLockStatusW Yes Yes
QueryServiceObjectSecurity Yes Yes
QueryServiceStatus Yes Yes
QueryServiceStatusEx Yes Yes
QueryTraceAdouble Yes Yes
QueryTraceWdouble Yes Yes
QueryUsersOnEncryptedFile Yes Yes
ReadEncryptedFileRaw Yes Yes
ReadEventLogA Yes Yes
ReadEventLogW Yes Yes
RegCloseKey Yes Yes
RegConnectRegiyA Yes Yes
RegConnectRegiyExA No No
RegConnectRegiyExW No No
RegConnectRegiyW Yes Yes
RegCreateKeyA Yes Yes
RegCreateKeyExA Yes Yes
RegCreateKeyExW Yes Yes
RegCreateKeyW Yes Yes
RegDeleteKeyA Yes Yes
RegDeleteKeyExA Yes Yes
RegDeleteKeyExW Yes Yes
RegDeleteKeyW Yes Yes
RegDeleteValueA Yes Yes
RegDeleteValueW Yes Yes
RegDisablePredefinedCache Yes Yes
RegDisableReflectionKey Yes Yes
RegEnableReflectionKey Yes Yes
RegEnumKeyA Yes Yes
RegEnumKeyExA Yes Yes
RegEnumKeyExW Yes Yes
RegEnumKeyW Yes Yes
RegEnumValueA Yes Yes
RegEnumValueW Yes Yes
RegFlushKey Yes Yes
RegGetKeySecurity Yes Yes
RegGetValueA Yes Yes
RegGetValueW Yes Yes
RegLoadKeyA Yes Yes
RegLoadKeyW Yes Yes
RegNotifyChangeKeyValue Yes Yes
RegOpenCurrentUser Yes Yes
RegOpenKeyA Yes Yes
RegOpenKeyExA Yes Yes
RegOpenKeyExW Yes Yes
RegOpenKeyW Yes Yes
RegOpenUserClassesRoot Yes Yes
RegOverridePredefKey Yes Yes
RegQueryInfoKeyA Yes Yes
RegQueryInfoKeyW Yes Yes
RegQueryMultipleValuesA Yes Yes
RegQueryMultipleValuesW Yes Yes
RegQueryReflectionKey Yes Yes
RegQueryValueA Yes Yes
RegQueryValueExA Yes Yes
RegQueryValueExW Yes Yes
RegQueryValueW Yes Yes
RegReplaceKeyA Yes Yes
RegReplaceKeyW Yes Yes
RegRestoreKeyA Yes Yes
RegRestoreKeyW Yes Yes
RegSaveKeyA Yes Yes
RegSaveKeyExA Yes Yes
RegSaveKeyExW Yes Yes
RegSaveKeyW Yes Yes
RegSetKeySecurity Yes Yes
RegSetValueA Yes Yes
RegSetValueExA Yes Yes
RegSetValueExW Yes Yes
RegSetValueW Yes Yes
RegUnLoadKeyA Yes Yes
RegUnLoadKeyW Yes Yes
RegisterEventSourceA Yes Yes
RegisterEventSourceW Yes Yes
RegisterIdleTask No No
RegisterServiceCtrlHandlerA Yes Yes
RegisterServiceCtrlHandlerExA Yes Yes
RegisterServiceCtrlHandlerExW Yes Yes
RegisterServiceCtrlHandlerW Yes Yes
RegisterTraceGuidsA Yes Yes
RegisterTraceGuidsW Yes Yes
RemoveTraceCallback No No
RemoveUsersFromEncryptedFile Yes Yes
ReportEventA Yes Yes
ReportEventW Yes Yes
RevertToSelf Yes Yes
SaferCloseLevel Yes Yes
SaferComputeTokenFromLevel Yes Yes
SaferCreateLevel Yes Yes
SaferGetLevelInformation No No
SaferGetPolicyInformation Yes Yes
SaferIdentifyLevel Yes Yes
SaferRecordEventLogEntry Yes Yes
SaferSetLevelInformation No No
SaferSetPolicyInformation No No
SaferiChangeRegiyScope No No
SaferiCompareTokenLevels No No
SaferiIsExecutableFileType No No
SaferiPopulateDefaultsInRegiy No No
SaferiRecordEventLogEntry No No
SaferiReplaceProcessThreadTokens No No
SaferiSearchMatchingHashRules No No
SetAclInformation Yes Yes
SetEntriesInAccessListA No No
SetEntriesInAccessListW No No
SetEntriesInAclA Yes Yes
SetEntriesInAclW Yes Yes
SetEntriesInAuditListA No No
SetEntriesInAuditListW No No
SetFileSecurityA Yes Yes
SetFileSecurityW Yes Yes
SetInformationCodeAuthzLevelW No No
SetInformationCodeAuthzPolicyW No No
SetKernelObjectSecurity Yes Yes
SetNamedSecurityInfoA Yes Yes
SetNamedSecurityInfoExA No No
SetNamedSecurityInfoExW No No
SetNamedSecurityInfoW Yes Yes
SetPrivateObjectSecurity Yes Yes
SetPrivateObjectSecurityEx No No
SetSecurityDescriptorControl Yes Yes
SetSecurityDescriptorDacl Yes Yes
SetSecurityDescriptorGroup Yes Yes
SetSecurityDescriptorOwner Yes Yes
SetSecurityDescriptorRMControl Yes Yes
SetSecurityDescriptorSacl Yes Yes
SetSecurityInfo Yes Yes
SetSecurityInfoExA No No
SetSecurityInfoExW No No
SetServiceBits Yes Yes
SetServiceObjectSecurity Yes Yes
SetServiceStatus Yes Yes
SetThreadToken Yes Yes
SetTokenInformation Yes Yes
SetTraceCallback No No
SetUserFileEncryptionKey No No
StartServiceA Yes Yes
StartServiceCtrlDispatcherA Yes Yes
StartServiceCtrlDispatcherW Yes Yes
StartServiceW Yes Yes
StartTraceA Yes Yes
StartTraceW Yes Yes
StopTraceAdouble Yes Yes
StopTraceWdouble Yes Yes
SystemFunction Yes Yes
SystemFunction Yes Yes
SystemFunction Yes Yes
SystemFunction Yes Yes
SystemFunction Yes Yes
SystemFunction Yes Yes
SystemFunction Yes Yes
SystemFunction Yes Yes
SystemFunction Yes Yes
SystemFunction Yes Yes
SystemFunction SystemFunction Yes Yes
SystemFunction Yes Yes
SystemFunction Yes Yes
SystemFunction SystemFunction Yes Yes
SystemFunction SystemFunction Yes Yes
SystemFunction SystemFunction Yes Yes
SystemFunction SystemFunction Yes Yes
SystemFunction SystemFunction Yes Yes
SystemFunction SystemFunction Yes Yes
SystemFunction SystemFunction Yes Yes
SystemFunction SystemFunction Yes Yes
SystemFunction SystemFunction Yes Yes
SystemFunction SystemFunction Yes Yes
SystemFunction Yes Yes
SystemFunction Yes Yes
SystemFunction SystemFunction Yes Yes
SystemFunction SystemFunction Yes Yes
SystemFunction Yes Yes
SystemFunction Yes Yes
SystemFunction Yes Yes
SystemFunction SystemFunction Yes Yes
SystemFunction Yes Yes
SystemFunction Yes Yes
SystemFunction Yes Yes
SystemFunction Yes Yes
SystemFunction # RtlGenRandom Yes Yes
SystemFunction # RtlEncryptMemory Yes Yes
SystemFunction # RtlDecryptMemory Yes Yes
TraceEventdouble Yes Yes
TraceEventInstancedouble Yes Yes
TraceMessage Yes Yes
TraceMessageVadouble Yes Yes
TreeResetNamedSecurityInfoA Yes Yes
TreeResetNamedSecurityInfoW Yes Yes
TrusteeAccessToObjectA No No
TrusteeAccessToObjectW No No
UninstallApplication No No
UnlockServiceDatabase Yes Yes
UnregisterIdleTask No No
UnregisterTraceGuidsdouble Yes Yes
UpdateTraceAdouble Yes Yes
UpdateTraceWdouble Yes Yes
WdmWmiServiceMain No No
WmiCloseBlock No No
WmiCloseTraceWithCursor No No
WmiConvertTimestamp No No
WmiDevInstToInstanceNameA No No
WmiDevInstToInstanceNameW No No
WmiEnumerateGuids No No
WmiExecuteMethodA No No
WmiExecuteMethodW No No
WmiFileHandleToInstanceNameA No No
WmiFileHandleToInstanceNameW No No
WmiFreeBuffer No No
WmiGetFirstTraceOffset No No
WmiGetNextEvent No No
WmiGetTraceHeader No No
WmiMofEnumerateResourcesA No No
WmiMofEnumerateResourcesW No No
WmiNotificationRegiationA Yes Yes
WmiNotificationRegiationW Yes Yes
WmiOpenBlock No No
WmiOpenTraceWithCursor No No
WmiParseTraceEvent No No
WmiQueryAllDataA No No
WmiQueryAllDataMultipleA No No
WmiQueryAllDataMultipleW No No
WmiQueryAllDataW No No
WmiQueryGuidInformation No No
WmiQuerySingleInstanceA No No
WmiQuerySingleInstanceMultipleA No No
WmiQuerySingleInstanceMultipleW No No
WmiQuerySingleInstanceW No No
WmiReceiveNotificationsA Yes Yes
WmiReceiveNotificationsW Yes Yes
WmiSetSingleInstanceA No No
WmiSetSingleInstanceW No No
WmiSetSingleItemA No No
WmiSetSingleItemW No No
WowWinApiEntry No No
WriteEncryptedFileRaw Yes Yes
RegLoadMUIStringW Yes Yes
RegLoadMUIStringA Yes Yes