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Royce Mitchell III's TODO List:


 add tests for failure-cases
 output error if a cyclic reference is detected
 mingw backend should auto-detect -pipe support and add it to PROJECT_CFLAGS if detected
 mingw backend should auto-detect PCH support and use it if detected
 mingw backend should output <module>_clean target

freetype caching

vga driver broken when built as optimized:

inf parsing

 ability to right-click inf file and click "Install" to get it installed
 filip2307: well, the setup inf can be installed. we just don't have the registry entries for the context menu entry.
 w3seek: apps\utils\infinst

copy files via gui

desktop context menu

 new shortcut
 display properties

 grep all GDI_AllocObj ( check the macros that point to it ) and make sure we handle failure gracefully
 grep all GDI_LockObj ( again macros... ) and make sure we handle those failures gracefully too
 ASSERT_KM_POINTER(x) for every x received by an internal kernel function
   bad examples:
     NtWriteFile in ntoskrnl/io/rw.c
   soso examples:
     MpfsWrite at least null-checks the mdl

eradicate TAG_NONE


ms office 2000

figure out why the following can crash reactos cmd: cmd: [CLEAN] *.o precomp.h.gch cmd.sym cmd.a ./cmd.coff cmd.exe cmd.nostrip.exe cmd.o attrib.o alias.o batch.o beep.o call.o chcp.o choice.o cls.o cmdinput.o cmdtable.o color.o console.o copy.o date.o del.o delay.o dir.o dirstack.o echo.o error.o filecomp.o for.o free.o goto.o history.o if.o internal.o label.o locale.o memory.o misc.o move.o msgbox.o path.o pause.o prmopt.o redir.o ren.o screen.o set.o shift.o start.o strtoclr.o time.o timer.o title.o type.o ver.o

ANSWER: Its because windows cmd insert a newline if the echo'ed string is longer than xxx chars thus the echo'ed text is recognized as a typed command, and since the command starts with cmd it executes cmd. Cmd.exe doesnt like all the unknown parameters very much and crash. -Gunnar


driver installation

 filip2307: Class Installers, UM PnP manager, PnP events, some setupapi SetupDi* APIs, CFGMGR32 + RPC runtime + working WIDL
      • DONE IN ReactOS 0.3.0-SVN ***


 error if module referenced by <library> doesn't exist
 <include base="kjs">include</include>
 output error if module referenced by base doesn't exist
 rename junk.tmp, base.tmp and temp.exp to %module%.jnk, %module%.tmp, %module%.exp
 put .exe, .o, etc files in $(ROS_INTERMEDIATE)
 use map instead of vector for factories
 use map created through ctors for module handlers ( kinda like the backend factories )
 implement <xi:fallback>:
    Exception: how about an <xi:include href="config" failonerror="false" /> ?
    Exception: <xi:include href="config.template" />
    Exception: <xi:include href="config" failonerror="false" />
    Exception: then properties in config will override properties in config.template
 add support for <property>, as opposed to <define>
 let make do some of the work to reduce makefile size
 put junk and .a files in $(ROS_TEMPORARY)
 create some variables to reduce makefile size, like %modulename%_INCLUDES, and %modulename%_OBJS
 move module code to a base class where possible ( like the include macro creation )