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Reaching out to India is desirable. Population there tends to have strong sense of national pride and would readily explore any means to make themselves independent of anything perceived to be foreign imports/help (read: Microsoft, United States).

To do this however, we need translators.


In the week running up to 20090714, there have been a number of Chinese users who have been perusing the forum, all interested in doing development work. They are plato, return, and caimouse. asbai has also joined recently and has tried to used his company's (NetRong) products against ROS. One other chinese user (anfly) and one HK user (ZumarX) signed up in June, but have not been heard from since.


Getting knowledgable volunteers from here would be a good idea. If caimouse forms up his dev team from the users in this forum, they may have some difficulty in terms of communicating in English with the core team. The same difficulties apply to the team that vicmarcal has befriended. Many of the Singaporean Chinese are bilingual in both Chinese and English to varying extents, so this would facilitate collaboration.

Getting capital through affiliate sales

Basically, ask users what brand of computers they intend to buy over the next few months, sign up for the appropriate affiliate programme, profit.

Discuss with the web team about placing an image banner on the front page, whose link is dependent on where the user is connecting from.

Wine has an affiliate link with Amazon, see