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Information on Coverity Scan moved here.

Away notice

I'll be out of action for the next month or so, more or less. End-of-programme projects will be ongoing =(

Outreach to China/India?

Reaching out to China and India is desirable. Populations there tend to have strong sense of national pride and would readily explore any means to make themselves independent of anything perceived to be foreign imports/help (read: Microsoft, United States).

Potential synergies between China's Loongson 3, a MIPS CPU that can emulate x86, and a MIPS port of ReactOS that can pass x86-compiled applications to the Loongson should also not be overlooked.

To do this however, we need translators. Seems also that devs want to get a stable product first before expanding reach. Sigh.

Getting capital through affiliate sales

Basically, ask users what brand of computers they intend to buy over the next few months, sign up for the appropriate affiliate programme, profit.

Information now public in forum. May work together with Elledan (Maya-sama/hackkitten) such that said link gets put into proposed ReactOS Web Store. May discourage ppl due to inconvenience, but if ppl do do it, they may want to buy other ReactOS paraphenelia.

Alternatively, use as a jump point, since they pass on 100% of the cashback earned from the affiliate programme.