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(Provisional articles)
(Provisional articles)
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== Provisional articles ==
== Provisional articles ==
[[User:LoneRifle/kjk on ws2‎]]
[[User:Lone_Rifle/kjk on ws2‎]]

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I am currently based in London, and generally interested in Bugzilla and wiki maintenance, ensuring the forum is well-behaved, monitoring regression unit-testing, and spotting problems in the codebase that affect the test results.


Active Contributors:

Name Role Country
Michael Martin Developer Japan

Getting capital through affiliate sales

Basically, ask users what brand of computers they intend to buy over the next few months, sign up for the appropriate affiliate programme, profit.


Discuss with the web team about placing an image banner on the front page, whose link is dependent on where the user is connecting from.

Wine has an affiliate link with Amazon, see http://winehq.org/site/contributing#wpf

Provisional articles

User:Lone_Rifle/kjk on ws2‎