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Weird guy from Italy, very little known about him. Prone to nervous breakdowns. In an ongoing outgrossing contest with Alex Ionescu - you could be caught in the crossfires on the IRC channel. Loves to talk about self in third person. Loves cheesecake. Current role in ReactOS: giving unasked for advice in the IRC channel. PSEH developer and maintainer. Once led the now dead POSIX subsystem sub-project - will rant about it given the occasion.




Please spam this section with the most preposterous misinformation you can conceive about KJK::Hyperion. Please don't remove this notice.


"I Saw the whole thing! He ate my zombie neighbors! Where am I supposed to get new zombies for neighbors in THIS day and age!? But that's not all! I seen him calling space aliens with a bag of Jiffy Pop and a koleidoscope! Man-- He's one scary guy!"