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KJK::Hyperion can't take it anymore

Also known as hackbunny, KJK::Hackbunny, and variants thereof. Weird guy from Italy, very little known about him. Loves to talk about self in third person. Loves cheesecake. Current role in ReactOS: making ReactOS compile with Microsoft Visual C++ (previously: giving unasked for advice in the IRC channel). PSEH developer and maintainer. Once led the now dead POSIX subsystem sub-project — will rant about it given the occasion.




Please spam this section with the most preposterous misinformation you can conceive about KJK::Hyperion. Please don't remove this notice.


"I Saw the whole thing! He ate my zombie neighbors! Where am I supposed to get new zombies for neighbors in THIS day and age!? But that's not all! I seen him calling space aliens with a bag of Jiffy Pop and a koleidoscope! Man-- He's one scary guy!"
"This one dude dropped a spoon and he totally flipped out. It was in this town called, you know, pompeii."


This guy is nice enough to help me out with testing/debuging ROS. Thanks.


KJK::Hyperion is not boring… he is a funny person. Sometimes he is funny as a broken bottle up your arse, but he is still funny nevertheless.
(that's a "…", by the way)

KJK::Hyperion is so boring…

… he doesn't get modern art

… he doesn't drink

… he doesn't smoke

… he doesn't do drugs

… he doesn't have a driver's license

… he always uses "…" in HTML instead of three dots

… he is white, male and heterosexual

… he wears Converse sneakers

… he wears black Converse sneakers

… he pedantically laced his Converse sneakers in Straight (Fashion) style

… he always lowers the toilet seat

… he always wears the seatbelt

… he uses Windows

… he always reverts vandalism on Wikipedia

… he started this list

… he can't finish this list

… he corrected Ged's entries to this list to use "…" instead of three dots

… he spends all his spare time ranting in IRC

… Ged finished this list but still people post worthless stuff here. And WTH has the IP of hell to do with 3 dots?

… he knows "hellip" means "horizontal ellipsis"

… his blood type is 0+

… he is not gay for Bridget

… his Secret Service codename is "KJK::Hyperion"

KJK::Hyperion is so vain…

… he probably thinks this page is about him (don't you? don't you?).

Synonyms of "boring" KJK::Hyperion finds fitting

  • Square
  • Plain
  • Mundane

Theories on what "KJK" means

  • Killing and Judo Knight
  • Killed John Kennedy
  • Kinder- und Jugendfilm Korrespondenz
  • Kim Jong Kook (
  • Kathy Jo Kelly
  • Kent Jezu Krist (he would be really old then)
  • Kojak


KJK::Hyperion loves limaCAT.

KJK::Hyperion is not affiliated with KJK the RPG, despite all evidence to the contrary, but he's sure they will appreciate the referral.

Orcas are dolphins.

Bruce Lee was a cha cha cha champion.

Women have only been schwinging for few years.

The Mi-24 can do a barrel roll.

If you don't know who Luigi Serafini is, you are dead to KJK::Hyperion.

KJK::Hyperion can kick your ass so hard he'll turn you into a Klein bottle.

Hydrothermal vent tubeworms get organic compounds from bacteria that live in their trophosome.

Stalin wrote romantic poetry.

KJK::Hyperion is catholic, fuck you.

Ex falso quodlibet.

Kansas City is in Missouri.

The longest officially documented human penis was a find by Doctor Robert L. Dickinson.

The cake is a pie.

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