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== FACTS ==
== FACTS ==
[[Image:Hackbunny_will_revert_your_commit.jpg|thumb|240px|left|KJK::Hyperion will revert your commit]]
[http://www.worldfirefoxday.com/ KJK::Hyperion loves limaCAT].
[http://www.worldfirefoxday.com/ KJK::Hyperion loves limaCAT].

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KJK::Hyperion can't take it anymore

Also known as hackbunny, KJK::Hackbunny, and variants thereof. Weird guy from Italy, very little known about him. Loves to talk about self in third person. Loves cheesecake. Current role in ReactOS: making ReactOS compile with Microsoft Visual C++ (previously: giving unasked for advice in the IRC channel). PSEH developer and maintainer. Once led the now dead POSIX subsystem sub-project — will rant about it given the occasion.




Please spam this section with the most preposterous misinformation you can conceive about KJK::Hyperion. Please don't remove this notice.


"I Saw the whole thing! He ate my zombie neighbors! Where am I supposed to get new zombies for neighbors in THIS day and age!? But that's not all! I seen him calling space aliens with a bag of Jiffy Pop and a koleidoscope! Man-- He's one scary guy!"
"This one dude dropped a spoon and he totally flipped out. It was in this town called, you know, pompeii."


This guy is nice enough to help me out with testing/debuging ROS. Thanks.


KJK::Hyperion is not boring… he is a funny person. Sometimes he is funny as a broken bottle up your arse, but he is still funny nevertheless.
(that's a "…", by the way)

KJK::Hyperion is so boring…

… he doesn't get modern art

… he doesn't drink

… he doesn't smoke

… he doesn't do drugs

… he doesn't have a driver's license

… he always uses "…" in HTML instead of three dots

… he is white, male and heterosexual

… he wears Converse sneakers

… he wears black Converse sneakers

… he pedantically laced his Converse sneakers in Straight (Fashion) style

… he always lowers the toilet seat

… he always wears the seatbelt

… he uses Windows

… he always reverts vandalism on Wikipedia

… he started this list

… he can't finish this list

… he corrected Ged's entries to this list to use "…" instead of three dots

… he spends all his spare time ranting in IRC

… Ged finished this list but still people post worthless stuff here. And WTH has the IP of hell to do with 3 dots?

… he knows "hellip" means "horizontal ellipsis"

… his blood type is 0+

… he is not gay for Bridget

… his Secret Service codename is "KJK::Hyperion"

KJK::Hyperion is so vain…

… he probably thinks this page is about him (don't you? don't you?).

Synonyms of "boring" KJK::Hyperion finds fitting

  • Square
  • Plain
  • Mundane

Theories on what "KJK" means

  • Killing and Judo Knight
  • Killed John Kennedy
  • Kinder- und Jugendfilm Korrespondenz
  • Kim Jong Kook (http://youtube.com/watch?v=w0OoVuHnt4U)
  • Kathy Jo Kelly
  • Kent Jezu Krist (he would be really old then)
  • Kojak


KJK::Hyperion will revert your commit

KJK::Hyperion loves limaCAT.

KJK::Hyperion is not affiliated with KJK the RPG, despite all evidence to the contrary, but he's sure they will appreciate the referral.

Orcas are dolphins.

Bruce Lee was a cha cha champion.

Women have only been schwinging for few years.

The Mi-24 can do a barrel roll.

If you don't know who Luigi Serafini is, you are dead to KJK::Hyperion.

KJK::Hyperion can kick your ass so hard he'll turn you into a Klein bottle.

Hydrothermal vent tubeworms get organic compounds from bacteria that live in their trophosome.

Stalin wrote romantic poetry.

Ex falso quodlibet.

Kansas City is in Missouri.

The longest officially documented human penis was a find by Doctor Robert L. Dickinson.

The cake is a pie.

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