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I am Jeremy. I am a long-time Windows user, also with macOS and Linux (though not Linux until later in my life). I test ReactOS from time-to-time on a virtual machine and on real hardware (sometimes), and will eventually submit some test reports. I also do art, but more on that somewhere else. I may also do contributions to ReactOS when I learn how to fully code.

Old PCs that I have that actually work:

Dell Inspiron 1000 (tested with ReactOS already, not reported yet)

hp TouchSmart tx2

Old PCs that I have that I have but are not tested yet:

hp pavilion zv6000

Old PCs I have that need repair:

Gateway laptop (model not checked)

Gateway MA6 (childhood laptop) (MB may not be repairable due to incompatible AC adapter in its full lifetime)

Current Main PC:

Alienware Aurora R8 Intel Core i5 (hexa-core) Nvidia GeForce 1060Ti

Secondary main computers:

iMac (Retina 4K, 21.5-inch, Late 2015)

Raspberry Pi 3B