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'''Name:''' Alex
'''Name:''' Alex
'''Nick:''' akaBG on IRC and  Jedi-to-be in ReactOS forums)
'''Nick:''' akaBG on IRC and  Jedi-to-be in ReactOS forums
'''A\S\L:''' 22\Male\Rus
'''A\S\L:''' 22\Male\Rus

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Name: Alex

Nick: akaBG on IRC and Jedi-to-be in ReactOS forums

A\S\L: 22\Male\Rus

Nationality: Russian

Location: Stavropol, Russia

Scope of interests: computer-technology, developing, ..., films, music, different sports

Occupation at ROS: translator/tester, spreading/blogs,...

Contact: irc.freenode.net or ReactOS forum (just leave a PM)

Role at ReactOS



IRC goon squad member/Forum invader

ReactOS hardware

- vmware workstation 6.5.2 and VirtualPC Seven