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This is one of the least useful and clear pages on the wiki based sites. It's supposed to be kind of a personal page of a user, and if you take a look at the wikipedia examples, that should work as a real world example of use cases for this, then you see, they are mostly filled with a mess of copy and paste garbage, only the owner of which having the idea what is that for. or with nonsensical awards, not sure what is less meaningful of these two.

So, don't expect to read here something interesting. especially adding to the aforementioned, my verbosity and inability to express myself clear and briefly. and my crappy english yet. nice mix.

I am an average user of this community, mostly using nickname "val" over here (it's just a shortening of my name), "irony" was a one shot nick, taken once for the purpose, not needed to be elaborated on now, I guess, but due to the interesting configuration capabilities, set up on this project, it seems, I cannot change it to the more humble one and mine. but anyway, are you really that interested in this? exactly, even I got bored, typing this.

I am interested in the OS development. I like Windows NT OS, so no wonder my interest in ROS. Also my interests are - system programming overall (but not only it, I like learning about WinAPI user programs creating). Firmwares, UEFI in the first place. CPU architectures I am tending to are x86, ARM, MIPS and PPC. In no particular order, but agree, - x86 and ARM dominate the world. PPC is least known for me, admittedly. Apart from owning iMac g5, having a brief look at some IBM articles on PPC assembly and skimming over the Open Firmware and ePAPR specifications, there is no anything PPC in my skillset and experience. :D My languages for programming are C. and assembly of course!!!111. *rocksign* :D Have no clue in C++. :P And please, don't ask me about Rust if don't want to hear a suggestion to take a hike. :D Overall, just an average lamer with a weird hobby. Have a small collection of ARM Single Board Computers (SBCs). And one MIPS. For osdev, bitches! :D

As of ROS and participating to it, as of now (03.06.2020), I am looking forward to the UEFI loader and the hopeless ARM port. Don't do any assumptions regarding the previous sentence though.

What I don't care about (understand, like, share ideas) - opensource GNU/religion (and literally loathe fanatics and arrogant dickheads from that crowd). linux. what else? Did I mention linux? :D