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Name: Olaf Siejka

Nick: Caemyr (on IRC), Haos (in ReactOS forums)

A\S\L: 27\Male\Pl

Nationality: Polish

Location: Warszawa, Białołeka

Scope of interests: wide and changing, anything from computers, through quantum/astro/physics to literature, film, music..

Occupation at ROS: translator/tester, IRC goon squad member, alien forum/blog invader

Contact: or ReactOS forum (just leave a PM)

Pages of interest: ReactOS debugging tricks

Role at ReactOS

Polish Localisation maintainer


IRC goon squad member/Forum invader

Commit count: 3

ReactOS hardware


(Its been my Windows Server box for almost 6 years - with minor upgrades. Now being obsolete by an I7 Core box, its still in prime condition for ROS testing)

Motherboard: Abit NF7-2S on NVidia Nforce2 chipset;

CPU: AMD Barton 2500+;

Memory: 2x 512MB Buffalo 400 Mhz DDR1;

I/O: Silicon Integrated SIL3112a, onboard, 2-port SATA I;

Video: ATI Radeon 9500 128mb (softmodded to 9700), Winbond Geforce 6600 128MB AGP, ATI Rage Pro 128

Sound: NVidia SoundStorm (integrated)

Networking: NVidia network adapter

HDD: Seagate Baracuda 7200.7 SATA I 160 GB


(Originally my girlfriend's PC, before i assembled a new box for her. My first ReactOS dedicated testing box)

Motherboard: PCPartner 815EAS3 on Intel i815E/EP chipset;

CPU: Pentium IIIE 850 Mhz;

Memory: 3x 128MB SDRAM PC133;

I/O: Silicon Integrated SIL3114a, PCI, 4-port SATA I;

Video: 3Dfx Voodoo 3, 3DLabs Oxygen GVX1, ATI 3D Rage II+DVD, Matrox - MGA G100a, MGA G400, NVidia - TnT2 M64, TnT2 Vanta LT, S3 Trio 64V+;

Sound: C-Media CMI873B PCI-6ch-LX, Intel AC97 (integrated), Sound Blaster - Ensoniq (CT4810), Live! (CT4830) Turtle Beach Montego (Aureal AU8820C0);

Networking: 3com, ADMTek AN983B, Dlinks, Linksys, Realtek - RTL8029A, RTL8139 and many more;

HDD: Seagate Baracuda 7200.7 SATA I 40 GB