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'''Nick:''' frik85
'''Nick:''' frik85
'''E-Mail:''' frik85[at]reactos[dot]com or frik85[at]reactos[dot]at
'''SVN Nick:''' [http://cia.navi.cx/stats/author/frik85 frik85]
'''SVN Nick:''' [http://cia.navi.cx/stats/author/frik85 frik85]
'''Country:''' Austria
'''ReactOS Fansite''' (Compatibility database, media files, rss feeds)
'''E-Mail:''' <frik85 [at] reactos [dot] org>
= Current Work =
* '''New ReactOS Homepage'''
** [[RosCMS|ReactOS Content Management System]]
** Homepage Design (''won the voting; see mailing list'')
** [[New_Homepage_Content|Content]]
* '''ReactOS'''
** improve the style
*** setup background
*** ReactOS logo
** coding a screensaver (a ReactOS logo move around the screen) - almost finished
** improve the shell32 (''todo'')
** improve the explorer (''todo'')

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Name: Klemens Friedl

Nick: frik85

SVN Nick: frik85

Country: Austria

E-Mail: <frik85 [at] reactos [dot] org>