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hi everyone., myself Mohammad Abdul Muqeeth, newly appointed Project Coordinator for the ongoing development on the ReactOS(2010).

help appreciated and also payed: It’s easy to help we are specially in need of people with coding knowledge to at least test and try to identify the source of bugs and problems. At best we need windows API and driver developers that are willing to invest some time in ReactOS and help improve and complete it.

You are not a windows developer? We need your help anyway! We need testers, just plain regular people that try to use ReactOS and tell developers what they should improve, the difficulties they have, etc…

We need translators, as development continues translations can get outdated and we need to keep them updated. Non-English users have the same right to use ReactOS and as you.

Even though we had a fund raiser recently, it doesn’t mean you can’t donate some money to the ReactOS foundation.