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Daniel Reimer
IRC nickname dreimer, EmuandCo, EmuMob
Location Germany, Steinfeld
E-Mail daniel.reimerКльомба
Homepage [1]

About me

Hi, my name is Daniel Günter Reimer and I live in Germany / Bavaria. More Precicely: HERE

Right now I am the one of the maintainers of the ReactOS Build Environment (RosBE) for Windows. But I also do other things like translation work, some winesync, testing, regression testing etc.

I play around with computers since I am 10 years old and my main interests always were, to find out, how everything works. I first heard about ReactOS around version 0.2.0 thanks to the Captive NTFS Driver and the link to the ReactOS page on their website. I am in an internship to become part of a IT company right now. Before that I studied Computer Science at the University of Würzburg. I can code Java, Batch , Powershell and some HTML right now. More will come soon :-P

I have a website, but its not just ReactOS stuff on there. LINK

You can contact me on:




or via email: daniel.reimerКльомба


Political Orientation: Pirate
Sexual Orientation: hetero
myReactOS Account Name: EmuandCo
IRC Nickname: EmuandCo, EmuMob, dreimer
Commit Name: dreimer