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{{Infobox Contributor
{{Infobox Contributor
  | name        = Danny Götte
  | name        = Danny Götte
| position    = Website Coordinator
  | developer    = active
  | developer    = active
  | svn_name    = dgoette
  | svn_name    = dgoette

Latest revision as of 17:04, 18 March 2010

some text to avoid my nick isn't displayed red :)

Danny Götte
IRC nickname dangerground
Location Germany, Ilmenau

Some information

My name is Danny Götte and I live in Germany, student of computer science at the technically university of Ilmenau.

What I'm doing here

  • keep my information about ReactOS updated
  • try to keep the information of the ReactOS site and the wiki updated
  • try to clean up the wiki
  • rewrite
    • roscms
    • compat

What I've done

  • Cleaning up the wiki and seperate the languages from each other
  • moved several articales to LANG/artclename
  • removed all other languages
  • overhauled the main page
  • a lot of other wiki related stuff
  • overhauled roscms and compatDB