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"Crashfourit"'s first experice with computers was with his dad first got his computer. Crash figured out how to work with it before his dad did when he learned how to turn MS Paint from color to black-and-white and back again on Win3.1.

Crash then was privately tutored in computers by a friend of the family. He helped Crash to learn his way around the Windows(R) operating system and helped him learn how to assemble computers.

What Crash did not learn from his tutoring, he learned from trial and error, and the internet. Nontheless, there was some mishapps along the way which was the reasion he picked his screen name. He accidently lost some important information a computer and fried two computers and a CDRom. He learned QBasic in the begining then started to learn C and a subset of C++ using the Internet. He also is fairly familar with x86 assembly.

He has kept up with the FreeDos project from about version 0.5 and was aware of this project under is former name, FreeWin95. He started to regularly test ReactOS in November 2005. So far he likes the progress of the poject and wants to find ways to contribute to it.

Crash is now working on a double degree in Computer Science and Political Science which some people say is an odd choice. He is also working on a minor in Spanish.

Currently, Crash is looking at possible ways to contribute to ReactOS including getting Allegro programs to work (current possible project). He is also taking a computer science class (C and Unix/Linux) at the university is is going to.

He is currently is a member of deviantART (link), America's Debate, and (link). His homepage is at [1]. The RSS feed of his bog is link.


Please spam this section with the most preposterous misinformation you can conceive about Crashfourit. Please don't remove this notice. (Idea borrowed from KJK::Hyperion.)

* Crashfourit was the first to bake KJK::Hyperion's Cheesecake with chili instead of chocolate. After a bad diarrhoea he considered that even 50 grams were a little too much.