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Age: 17

Location: Florida, USA

Email (Remove spaces): c o v i t i {at} g m a i l {point} com



- Coding (Intermediate Level)
- Martial Arts (3rd Degree Brown Belt)

Current Projects:

- Learning the .NET framework and the Microsoft Windows PowerShell scripting language.
- Learning how to use the Component Object Model (COM).
- Increasing knowledge of Windows API and Windows Internals.

User Info:

As it says above, I'm 17 years old. I have graduated high school, and am enrolled part-time in a local community college. When I'm not busy with school (very rare), I spend my time being bored and (intentionally or not) annoying people in the ReactOS IRC channel. Okay, I know, my page is listed in the "Testers" section. So why don't I spend my free time testing ReactOS? Good question. I should. I'm working on it. ;)

Other... Stuff:

This page is too short. I need to add something here. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow. ;)