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Name: Radek Liška

Nick: Black_Fox

Country: Czechia (also known as Czech Republic if you want to be formal)

E-mail: radekliska [att] gmail [ddot] com

How to reach me: PMs at forum, I don't really lurk in IRC currently

Area of interest at ReactOS: I've been the active as Czech translator since early 2008, I go to JIRA from time to time to log new or retest old bugs and sometimes even do some patches for code... HW testing ability since early 2014

Goal: To be permanently able to invest more time into ROS, finish Czech translation, unify Czech translation, submit some more code patches/tests, get my test notebooks to install and boot to ROS.

Random Facts:

- birthday: June 26th

- testing configs: VirtualBox (newest), Lenovo T400, Toshiba Satellite A50-101, (no longer ->)QEMU

- I even donated some money to foundation! The total sum of my donations is now around €100. Imitate me for the good of the project ;)

Random info for my easier finding:

- set condition * first always

- tab+k, bt, proc [list|attach], thread [list|attach]... "mod", "k"? - need to check

- Putty: 115200, Parity: None, don't forget to switch from XON/XOFF to the RTS/CTS (need to verify this)

- Logging into file - KDBinit - do I really have to set something before I'm able to log into file?

- FYI to debug this I changed the assert to this: - the __builtin_return_address(0) will be visible on the bluescreen and can be used with log2lines.

 if (KeGetCurrentIrql() != DISPATCH_LEVEL)
     KeBugCheckEx(INSTALL_MORE_MEMORY, Thread->WaitNext << 8 | KeGetCurrentIrql(), (ULONG_PTR)__builtin_return_address(0), (ULONG_PTR)__builtin_return_address(1), Interval ? Interval->QuadPart : -1);

- Forum tutorial: How to get debug output from VirtualBox in Windows

- Forum tutorial: How to create translation patch from TortoiseSVN in Windows

- To make IE6setup go past version check, edit HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer - Version key (set major from 6 to 5), after modification reboot the system

- Debugging heap with DPH (gflags /p /enable application.exe /full)

- ReactOS (RosDbg) lets you type into the serial port, ReactOS (Debug) uses the physical keyboard

- How to read dbg output on Linux (section "For viewing only" under "using socat")

- how to push files to ROS: Dukto (does not work yet), HFS - need to check what that is

- This saved my sanity when updating keyboard layouts (number in modifier_bits means column in VK_TO_WCHARS* structure)

- Debug verbosity: in cmd.exe type "set DEBUGCHANNEL=+msi,+d3d" before starting the program... List of all debug channels

- GnuTLS: where the hell do I get that? Here (guide is here)! Consult for the list of needed files, all can be either found in that fossies link or on

- NTVDM: Does it die with "Failed to commit VDM memory, Status 0xc0000018"? Recompile NTVDM after enabling the STANDALONE flag in ntvdm.h!

- JIRA: code can be entered now using


- Fetch some sound or LAN drivers for Windows XP or Server 2003 and tear them apart:

   .exe and .dll files go to ReactOS\system32
   .inf files go to ReactOS\inf
   .sys files go to ReactOS\system32\drivers