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Operations of IMM under XP.

Loading of imm32.dll

IMM32 is loaded by user32.dll from _InitializeImmEntryTable. It loads the library (if not already) and fill in a structure of function pointers gImmApiEntries. This function is supposed to be called in the DllMain of USER32 but the relevant code is currently commented out.

In ReactOS, the related functions are located under win32ss\user\user32\misc\imm.c. The functions it loads is different from that of Windows XP.

A simple trace (hopefully I got it correct):

  • user32!DllMain
    • user32!_InitializeImmEntryTable
      • GetModuleHandle (and fail)
      • LoadLibrary(imm32.dll)
        • imm32!DllMain
          • imm32!ImmInitializeGlobals
          • user32!User32InitializeImmEntryTable
            • user32!_InitializeImmEntryTable
              • GetProcAddress and fill in the function table
            • imm32!ImmRegisterClient
              • imm32!ImmInitializeGlobals
    • imm32!ImmRegisterClient
      • imm32!ImmInitializeGlobals

TODO: Log all calls to Imm* functions with stack traces.