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It seems that GDI font linking is mainly about CJK(V?) ideographs. Font "fallback" for other scripts seems to be handled by Uniscribe before GDI if it is enabled.

UI Font Preferences

  • Chinese (Traditional): 新細明體 (PMingLiU)
  • Chinese (Simplified): 宋体 (SimSun)
  • Japanese: MS UI Gothic
  • Korean: 굴림 (Gulim)

TODO: Figure out where this setting is located in the registry.

Auto UI Font Sizing?

Under Windows XP, if I set Tahoma 8pt in the appearance settings, it automatically use 9pt PMingLiU for Chinese. If I set PMingLiU 8pt, then it uses 8pt MingLiU. If I set Tahoma 7pt then it uses 7pt PMingLiU.

Font Set Font Used for Chinese
PMingLiU 9pt PMingLiU 9pt
PMingLiU 8pt PMingLiU 8pt
PMingLiu 7pt PMingLiU 7pt
Tahoma 9pt PMingLiU 9pt
Tahoma 8pt PMingLiU 9pt
Tahoma 7pt PMingLiU 7pt

Obviously font linking is at play here, but why does Tahoma 8pt automatically get PMingLiU 9pt for Chinese? Is it also done by GDI?