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Here are some totally non-technical (or easy to implement) ideas to make 0.3.0 much more user-friendly, even if only on the surface:


  • Ship with Freeldr timeout set to 0. Freeldr is both ugly, overly-confusing for true newbies, and makes booting seem longer.
  • Use a new Boot Logo, using the blue/white color scheme and logos that have recently been developed.

Second Stage

  • Boot at 800x600 instead of 640x480. Fallback if impossible.
  • Prettify the Wizard a bit ==> Use XP-Style Wizard (all that's needed is the large backdrop app, the dialog can stay on top)
  • Install some basic apps, like the mozilla control.

First Boot and forward

  • Boot with a nice desktop wallpaper... something really catchy.
  • Boot with a readme file on the desktop, as well as icons for My Computer, My Network Places, Recycle Bin and IBrowser icon. They should all open the appropriate shell namespace.
  • Support adding new shortcuts to the desktop.
  • Start menu should be prettified a bit as well. Make some stuff bigger.
  • Center taskbar buttons... this has been a bug in explorer ever since it exists!
  • Fix icon loading so that icons show up right in the Title Bar/TaskBar Bug 475
  • Support transparent text labels for desktop icons.

Control Panels

  • Have a working network panel!

...more to come...