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This is some information about translation resources pending to be converted to UTF-8 encoding.

All resource files (.rc) should have been converted into UTF-8 as of r65960 with CORE-9021.

Remaining issues is mainly about usetup.

See CORE-9607 for more information.

Previous Work

Patches are located here: CORE-5746.

Most pl-PL resources have been converted by Caemyr (User:Haos), while most ru-RU and uk-UA ones have been converted by Igorko (User:Igor Paliychuk).

Related commits: r52376, r53804, r53805, r54364,r54374, r54583

And credits to: Edijs Kolesnikovičs (Edijs Kolesnikovičs: lt-LT), Hermès Bélusca (Hermès Bélusca-Maïto), Kamil Hornicek (Kamil Hornicek: cs-CZ), Matheus Macabu (mkbu95: pt-BR), Stefan Fulea [ro-RO]

The conversion was mainly being done by MfldElton (User:MfldElton).

All remaining resource files were converted into UTF-8 between r65952 and r65960.