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This is a list of translation resources pending to be converted to UTF-8 encoding.

Patches are located here: #6333.

Most pl-PL resources have been converted by Caemyr (User:Haos), while most ru-RU and uk-UA ones have been converted by Igorko (User:Igor_Paliychuk).

  • base/applications:
Module Status Remarks
cacls Committed in r52486 #6333 Patch 1/X
calc Committed in r52486 #6333 Patch 2/X
charmap Committed in r52486 #6333 Patch 2/X
cmdutils/doskey Converted #6333 Patch 3/X
cmdutils/find Converted #6333 Patch 3/X
cmdutils/more Converted #6333 Patch 3/X
cmdutils/reg Not Converted Wine
cmdutils/xcopy Not Converted Wine
dxdiag Converted #6333 Patch 4/X
findstr Converted #6333 Patch 4/X
fontview Converted #6333 Patch 4/X
games/solitaire Not Converted
games/spider Not Converted
games/winmine Not Converted
kbswitch Converted #6333 Patch 4/X
logoff Converted #6333 Patch 4/X
magnify Converted #6333 Patch 4/X
mmc Converted #6333 Patch 4/X
mplay32 Converted #6333 Patch 4/X
msconfig Converted #6333 Patch 4/X
mscutils/devmgmt Converted #6333 Patch 4/X
msconfig/eventvwr Converted #6333 Patch 4/X
msconfig/servman Converted #6333 Patch 4/X
mspaint Converted #6333 Patch 4/X
mstsc Not Converted
network/ipconfig Not Converted
network/ping Not Converted
notepad Not Converted
rapps Not Converted
regedit Not Converted
network/ping Not Converted
screensavers/3dtext Not Converted
screensavers/logon Not Converted
shutdown Not Converted
sndrec32 Not Converted
sndvol32 Not Converted
taskmgr Not Converted
winhlp32 Not Converted Wine
wordpad Not Converted Wine
write Not Converted Wine