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The TODO list before we will have somehow working USB. It should help to track USB issues status.

  • after disconnecting USB mouse from VM ReactOS starts terrible flood of mouse packets, which can be stopped only by OS reboot
  • mouse crashes OS after reconnect (I don't have this bug but I know there are some races in the reset code which may cause this and other bugs --Cameron)
  • seems USB devices are installed each time OS start so you can't use USB mouse before you close all "New Device" Wizards even if you used it before reboot (The serial number makes a difference here. If the device has a serial number, the OS will re-recognize it without a driver install needed. If not it will install drivers each boot (standard behavior for Windows too). This is why Windows reinstalls drivers for some devices if you move them to a different port. --Cameron)
  • USB keyboards don't work yet (Pool corruption with composite devices fixed --Cameron)
  • reset usb devices during boot so they can be connected before OS boot, not just using hotplugging (We still have some issues here with EHCI which I'll look into --Cameron)
  • ...

NOTE: if you are trying USB-stick in VirtualBox, avoid direct hotplug(plugging usb-stick into host when device is activated in vbox panel). This causes errors.(but not in all cases). Plug it in host's usb first and than activate it in VBox panel. Don't forget to deactivate it using the same VBox panel.

Stuff, needed to provide liveUSB support:

  • USB stick don't appear in 1st stage of setup like storage device
  • make ReactOS be able to boot from USB stick
  • ...

Stuff not related to USB but highly recommended to have

  • update device list in Device manager after some device is disconnected to see real situation about which (not only USB)devices are present in the system atm(remove absent devices from list)