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The USB stack is the component which provides the communication between USB devices and their respective drivers and applications. It consists of multiple files, each with a distinct function. The USB stack in ReactOS is currently extremely limited. This page documents the development of the new USB stack. Development work on a USB 3 stack is not planned at this time.


The goal is to develop a USB stack which:

  • is USB 1.1 - 2.0 compliant
  • uses WDM (NT 5) API
  • is compatible with all USB devices and drivers (which adhere to the standard)

The entire stack will be fully documented and the implementation progress detailed on this page.


  • Primary Goal: USB HID (human input devices) and storage functionality working (Alpha).
  • Secondary Goal: Audio and other support added.
  • Beyond: testing and debugging.

Due to the complexity and size, no release dates will be provided as of now.


2010-01-08 - Michael Martin has started re-implementation. The plan is to start with the EHCI controller and then work up the stack. Drivers will be developed against Win2k and WinXP for starting off. Progress can be found here.

Outdated information

See here.