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USB Working January 26, 2012

USB branch merged at r55555

History of USB in ReactOS April 9th, 2009

More news about USB April 22nd, 2010

New USB Drivers April 28th, 2011

Two of Four host controller interface drivers completed January 23rd, 2012

USB branch merged with trunk February 28th, 2012



  • Drivers from Linux (Cromwell actually) are ported to ReactOS, and OHCI host controller driver is now working fine. However no class drivers has been developed yet, so no usb devices work right now. Next release (0.3.0) will have support for USB keyboards and mice, and also quite more popular UHCI controller. (Aleksey Bragin)


  • UHCI HCD driver supports recognizing Memory type of resource (Aleksey Bragin, Hervé Poussineau)
  • UHCI controller driver, which uses the Cromwell USB stack
  • Basic USB hub driver, which sometimes reports connected devices


  • Create a common library between UHCI and OHCI miniports (Hervé Poussineau)
  • Report USB devices to PnP manager (Hervé Poussineau)
  • Major USB improvments:
    • Improve hardware support in linux_wrapper
    • Add embedded drivers, register them in linux usb stack
    • Add working wrapper for keyboard and mouse devices - now if usbohci or uhci loads, it will be the first to create KeyboardClass0 and PointerClass0 devices, so PS/2 keyb/mouse won't work.
    • Added logic for registering miniport at port driver (like Windows' usb stack does)
    • fixed issues with timing, host controller reset, new devices discovery, other small things (better to see diff :) ).

(Aleksey Bragin)

  • Implemented USBD_ParseConfigurationDescriptorEx and USBD_ParseDescriptors. (Jim Tabor)


  • OHCI controller driver was imported from Linux-2.5, UHCI imported also and works too. Port driver also is imported from Linux-2.5, but no WindowsXP-compatible interface has been developed yet. At the moment the drivers for mouse and keyboard are built-in and work, but this feature is unstable. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Allow more than one USB controller (Hervé Poussineau)
  • Add support for USB mouse/keyboard (but only with a reboot now) (Hervé Poussineau)