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(Vgal USB state)
(Vgal USB state: USBCCGP SelectConfiguration is fixed)
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| 10
| 10
| [USBCCGP] Fix SelectConfiguration NULL handling
| [USBCCGP] Fix SelectConfiguration NULL handling
| N/A
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| {{StatusCell|Unknown}} | Not merged
| {{StatusCell|Failed}} | Superseded

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Icon speedy deletion.png Warning: With current versions of ReactOS, USB support is NOT advanced enough to successfully work with USB flash-drives, web-cameras and etc. Please mind that system may crash due problem caused by USB-device. Please, if possible, avoid using USB devices together with ReactOS, unless you know what you are doing.

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Vgal USB state

Here is the current state of Vadim Galyant's USB patches, which all together represent the new version of the ReactOS USB stack.

Additional notes are listed below the table.

# apply seq Patch name # PR Status LiveUSB Required
1 [USBPORT] Transaction Translator #283 Merged Yes
2 [USBPORT] Correct size adressing for PA (01) c89a190 Merged Yes
3 [USBOHCI_NEW] Correct size adressing for PA c89a190 Merged Yes
4 [USBUHCI_NEW][USBOHCI_NEW][USBEHCI_NEW][USBHUB_NEW] Enable drivers 88cf5b0 Merged Yes
5 [USBUHCI_NEW] Bring-in new USB UHCI driver (requires patch 2, 3) #245 Merged Yes
6 [USBEHCI_NEW] Bring-in new USB EHCI driver (requires patch 2, 3) #301 Merged Yes
7 [USBSTOR_NEW] Bring-in new USB Storage driver #1450 Merged
8 [USBHUB] Black list for unsupported devices N/A Will not be merged H/W depend
9 [USBHUB] Make ReactOS bootable from USB N/A Not merged Yes
10 [USBCCGP] Fix SelectConfiguration NULL handling 46b0f6d Superseded
11 [HID] Bring-in new USB HID support N/A Not merged
12 [NTOSKRNL][HAL] Allow USB boot in PnP Enumeration Worker #1569 Not merged Yes
13 [USBHUB] Move DPRINT after check Status #282 Merged
14 [NTOSKRNL][BOOT] Hack for ImportHwIDs N/A Not merged
15 [NTOSKRNL][USETUP] Hack for USB keyboard in 1st Stage Setup 63286c6 Superseded
16 [NTOSKRNL] Fix and improve IopValidateID() #341 Merged
17 [USBPORT][USBHUB_NEW] Fix QueryIDs 3baf43c Merged

Additional notes

  • To achieve successfull Live USB boot, it is enough to merge all patches that are marked as Required.
  • Before merging new UHCI and EHCI drivers, "Correct size adressing for PA" patches should be merged.
  • Patch #8 with black list of devices is required to boot successfully on some machines, until the support for Isochronous Transfers would be implemented.

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