Third party libraries

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ReactOS uses several 3rd party libraries. On this page the actuality can be tracked.

library name purpose used version latest version Link to website
adns Used by dnsapi unknown unknown
bzip2 ... 1.0.6 1.0.6
cardlib used by the cardgames unknown unknown
freetype font rendering library 2.5.2 2.5.3
fullfat FAT driver >1.0.5 2.0.0-RTM
libmpg123 MPEG library unknown 1.19
libsamplerate ... 0.1.8 0.1.8
libwine ... unknown unknown
libwin-iconv iconv implementation using Win32 API to convert >0.0.6 0.0.6
libxml2 xml parsing library 2.9.0 2.9.1
stlport "Our" C++ STL unknown 5.2.1
strmbase Wine Sound streaming lib, used by Wine DirectX Wine 1.7.1 Wine 1.7.15
zlib Used by everything that needs to (de)compress archives 1.2.8 1.2.8

When a version is written with a > then a development/trunk version, which is newer than the one shown, but maybe older than the recent stable version, is used