Tests for 0.3.9

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Please put all the apps you tested here and write if they work or not. Use the builds from http://reactos.colinfinck.de

Note: If there is an updated version of an application available and this updated version works in ReactOS, please update the entry in the list accordingly!

Possible statuses

Status Description
Works There is no issue
Failed This does not work
Run w/o result Run without fundamental functionality
Not tested No test has been performed.

Stuff in Downloader

Software/Stage Installation Application Comments
Firefox 1.5 Works Works Working in VBox
DosBox Works Works Working in VMware
7Zip Works Works Working in VMWare
Firefox 2.0 Works Works Working in VBox
Opera Works Run w/o result Opera installs correctly, but doesnt start in case network adapter is installed. See bug 4151.
Thunderbird 2.0 Works Works Working in VBox
SeaMonkey Works Failed SeaMonkey doesn't open after being installed
Mozilla ActiveX Control Works Failed Shell web browsing doesn't seem to work anymore
Off By One Browser Works Works Working in VBox. Installer is unable to create shortcuts
mIRC Works Works Working in VBox. Same drawing issues as previous releases but still usable. Input textbox issue is fixed
Samba TNG Works Works Works on real hardware. Successfully tried to put and mget files on windows share and list its content.
Miranda IM Works Run w/o result Can't seem to connect to IM servers
Putty Works Works Very bad drawing issues in the config window but still usable
AbiWord Works Works Usable but text seems to be missing from some dialogs
Open Office 2.4 Failed Not tested Setup causes a crash during component registration. bug 3424, target milestone 0.3.11
Open Office 3.0 Failed Not tested Setup fails when copying files. bug 4084, breaking revision r38828.
IrfanView Works Works Working in Vbox with minor drawing issues in configuration windows. Outstanding issue in bug 4122.
IrfanView Plugins Not tested Not tested
LbreakOut2 Works Failed REGRESSION!! confirmed by two people
Lgeneral Works Works
Lmarbles Works Failed REGRESSION, confirmed by two people
TuxPaint Works Works Working in VBox
ScummVM Works Run w/o result REGRESSION - Unable to access application data directory!
zeckensack's glide wrapper Not tested Not tested

Stuff not on the Downloader list

Software/Stage Installation Application Comments
Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Not tested Not tested
Download Master v. Works Works http://www.westbyte.com/dm/
Firefox 3.0 Works Works Working in VBox, but text with diacritic is cluttered and firefox have little stability
QIP-IM v. 8092 Works Failed REGRESSION!! See bug 3927.

VMware Graphics Drivers

VMware Version Installation Comments
VMware Server 1.0.7
VMware Workstation 6.0.4
VMware Workstation 6.5.0 Works But ROS does not find any of VMware drivers. Also possible problems with *.iso files while runing ReactOS.
VMware Workstation 6.5.2 Works But ROS does not find any of VMware drivers. Also possible problems with *.iso files while runing ReactOS. Needs testing!

Virtualbox Graphics Drivers

VBox Version Installation Comments
VBox 2.2.0 Works But you can choose just 640x480x32 or 800x600x32