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Please put all the apps you tested here and write if they work or not.

Note: If there is an updated version of an application available and this updated version works in ReactOS, please update the entry in the list accordingly!

Possible statuses

Status Description
Works There is no issue
Failed This does not work
Run w/o result Run without fundamental functionality
Not tested No test has been performed.

Stuff in Downloader

Software/Stage Installation Application Comments
Firefox 1.5 Works Works Works under VBox 2.1.2. "Move the mouse to download" bug is still present. Youtube.com behaves the same way as it does under Firefox 2.0.
Firefox 2.0 Works Works Tested under VirtualBox 2.1.2. A vanilla install seems to work fine, though Youtube.com doesn't seem to display videos when Adobe Flash player is installed. Also, the "move the mouse to download" bug seems to still be present.
Opera Works Failed
Thunderbird 2.0 Works Works Tested in QEmu, sent and received an email.
SeaMonkey Failed Not tested Installer hangs after clicking next on the Quick Launch page of setup. Tested under VBox 2.1.2.
Mozilla ActiveX Control Works Works Tested under VirtualBox 2.1.2. Generally seems to work, with a few caveats: The Mozilla ActiveX download window cannot be Cancel'd or closed, and sometimes the OS will bluescreen when the download progress bar completes. Also, the address bar in ReactOS Explorer cannot be used to enter a website address, but the ReactOS homepage can be navigated okay.
Off By One Browser Works Run w/o result Tested under VirtualBox 2.1.2. Mostly works okay, although opening the "Start and Home Page" dialog box causes problems ranging from minor (Off By One freezing until the Start menu button is clicked on) to severe (Start menu exploding, followed by BSOD). Suffers from errors when closed, leading to the OS slowing down a whole lot.
mIRC Works Run w/o result There are severe drawing issues (you can't see what you are typing).
Samba TNG Works Works I was able to successfully download files from a Windows network share.
Miranda IM Works Failed SSL is not supported, see bug 3686. Text in menues is messed up.
Putty Works Works Has some very minor drawing issues.
Abiword Works Run w/o result Tested under VirtualBox 2.1.2. Installs okay, but has severe drawing issues when running.
OpenOffice Run w/o result Not tested Error 404
IrfanView Works Works You need to copy mfc42.dll (VirtualBox 2.1.0)
IrfanView Plugins Not tested Not tested Link issue apparently.
TuxPaint Works Works QEMU
zeckensack´s glide wrapper Works Works Works in QEMU. Tested on Diablo 2 Shareware.
Microsoft XML 3 Not tested Not tested
OLE viewer and Microsoft Foundation Classes Version 4 Not tested Not tested
Visual Basic 3 runtime. Not tested Not tested
Visual Basic 4 runtime Not tested Not tested
Visual Basic 5 runtime Not tested Not tested
Visual Basic 6 runtime Not tested Not tested
Visual Studio 6 runtime Not tested Not tested
Visual Studio 2005 runtime Not tested Not tested
Visual Studio 2005 runtime SP1 Not tested Not tested
Visual Studio 2008 runtime Works Failed Instalation seems to work fine (except some drawing problems). The runtime library is installed in winsxs folder. However no application seems to be able to use it because of bug #4083.

Tested in VMWare Server 1

ReactOS Build Environment Works Failed There are several errors in cmd that prevent it from running correctly, bison.exe requires MSVCP60.DLL
MinGW Not tested Not tested
FreeBASIC Works Works Tested on VBox 2.1.2.
ScummVM Works Failed Error : Unable to access application data directory (VirtualBox 2.1.0, QEMU).

http://forums.scummvm.org/viewtopic.php?p=32952&sid=0dc0829e7a8f817dc5c2e0052ff1b836 set APPDATA manually and it works, <set APPDATA="C:\Documents and Settings\my username\Application Data">, <echo %APPDATA%> to check

Diablo 2 Shareware Works Works Works in QEMU. VideoTest need not be run (though it dies prematurely), d2fix.exe needs to be applied, otherwise game window does not show.
Tile World Failed Failed Extraction failed with error : Warning occurred on one or more files (VirtualBox 2.1.0). Extraction works in QEMU, but game does not run.
OpenTTD Works Works Tested in QEMU. Some files are needed from original installation of Transport Tycoon Deluxe (or from alternative graphics sets, neither of which is present in default package).
LBreakout2 Works Works Works with 39231 second prerelase, tested in QEMU.

LGeneral Works Works Works with 39231 second prerelase, tested in QEMU. Doesn't come with its own SDL and SDL_mixer, but works with those copied from LBreakout2.
LMarbles Works Works Works with 39231 second prerelase, tested in QEMU.
WinBoard Works Works WinBoard runs, but it starts minized. Right click the program tab and maximize it - then it works 100%.
7-Zip Works Works Tested under VirtualBox 2.1.2 and QEMU. Has some slight drawing issues, but seems to be able to add/extract files from an archive without issue.
uTorrent Works Run w/o result Installs fine, registry settings (eg. make default application) do not persist. Was able to open a torrent, but the application locks up with "Unable to locate timer in message queue" messages appearing regularly in debug log. Nindaleth reports that he can download without issue. Here's how I do it: Install Colin's 0.3.8 prerelase. Download Firefox 1.5, download uTorrent from the fixed link in SVN, install uTorrent. Visit Pirate Bay or some other source of torrents, download some recent torrent (very high possibility of someone still seeding). Close Firefox, run uTorrent. Setting as default torrent app doesn't work, ignore. Set upload speed and continue. File->Add torrent, navigate to torrent (probably on desktop), open it, continue through any dialogs without changes and download...
Audio Grabber Works Failed An exception occurs when starting the application. (VirtualBox 2.1.0).
Simple Direct Media Layer (SDL) Runtime Works Works
Simple Direct Media Layer (SDL) Mixer Works Run w/o result ReactOS has no audio support as of now, this cannot be tested.
DOSBox Works Run w/o result It runs,but the DOSBox console closes automatically after few seconds.

Note : Pigglesworth has a fix for this issue to be committed soon. DOSBox works fine when it's applied.

Stuff not on the Downloader list

Software/Stage Installation Application Comments
YSFlight Not tested Not tested
CPU-Z 1.49 Works Works Tested on QEMU. Everything works switfly, not in the "well, it works" way as older versions.
Acrobat Reader 5.0.5/6 Works Works Issue when closing the application, but pdf are opened without problem. Also version 6 works but with some UI issues (installer,splash screen)
Foxit Reader 3.0 Failed Run w/o result Tested on QEMU. Setup fails, but program is somehow executed at the same time. PDF can be opened and displayed, program crashes immediately after that.
QIP 2005 build 8081 Works Run w/o result Tested on QEMU. It is not able to connect.

VMware Graphics Drivers

VMware Version Installation Comments
VMware Server 1.0.7 Works awesome as always
VMware Workstation 6.0.4 Not tested