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(Stuff not on the Downloader list)
(Stuff not on the Downloader list)
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| [http://www.filehorse.com/download-adobe-reader/3668/download/ Adobe Reader 6.0.1]
| {{works}}
| {{works}}

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Preliminary ReactOS 0.3.16 tests page. RC ISO: http://sourceforge.net/projects/reactos/files/ReactOS/0.3.16/ReactOS-0.3.16RC.iso.zip/download

Possible statuses

Status Description
Works Works without any major problems
Not tested No test has been performed
Failed Fails to work or crashes ReactOS
Run w/o result Run without fundamental functionality

Stuff in Downloader

Software/Stage Installation Application/ Comments
7-Zip 9.32 Works Works Benchmark screen still shows bogus data. CORE-7007
AbiWord 2.6.8 Works Works Extremely slow to input anything. Minor UI glitches.
AbiWord 2.9.4 Works Works Much better UI state compared to 2.6.8. Typing is also faster than older version. Text areas a bit weird (CORE-7793), crashes on minimize (CORE-7794).
Abyss Web Server X1 Works Works
AC97 Driver for VirtualBox Works Works
Apache OpenOffice 4.0.1 Works Run w/o result Lots of drawing issues. Crashes often on use. Likely to crash when saving a file.
Audio Grabber 1.83 SE Failed Failed CORE-6657
BitTorrent 7.8 Works Works
Click-N-Type Virtual Keyboard 3.03 Works Works After folding goes nowhere
Diablo 2 Shareware 1.4 Works Works No sound (CORE-7795), other than that it works magnificent.
DosBox 0.74 Works Failed CORE-7796
DosBlaster 2.5 Works Failed Game Config works, but playing fails as it uses dosbox.
Double Commander 0.5.8 Works Works
Fox Audio Player 0.10.0 Works Works
FreeBASIC 0.90.1 Works Works
GlideWrapZbag 0.84c Works Works Works with Diablo II in glide mode.
IrfanView 4.37 Works Works Needs mfc42.dll to install. System will crash if wine gecko is not installed as it opens some welcome page on first startup. Plugin installation works. (previous comment here was CORE-272 CORE-361)
K Desktop Environment 1.0 Works Run w/o result Installer seemingly stalls at the last page, but it can be "next"-ed to completion. I tried to start kate, kwrite and vlc, only vlc works.
LBreakout2 2.4.1 Works Failed Application runs but is unusably slow. EDIT (emuandco): Link seems fine. Can't reproduce.
LibreOffice 4.1.4 Failed Not tested Applications Manager fails to run .MSI file (LibreOffice_4.1.4_Win_x86.msi': Invalid EXE, and not a batch or script file).
After manually running, the installer is slow and fails/hangs when copying files.
LMarbles 1.0.6 Works Failed Does not run, fails to get audio device.
Media Player Classic Home Cinema 1.7.1 Works Failed CORE-7792 - CORE-7671
Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1 Redistributable Package Failed Not tested "Microsoft .NET Framework Setup failed. If this problem continues, contact Product Support Services."
Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 Redistributable Package Failed Not tested Shows serveral errors and then the setup hangs
Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 SP2
Microsoft Tahoma Font 1.0 Works Works
Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Common Controls Works Not tested
Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable SP1
Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable SP1 Failed Not tested CORE-7828
Miranda IM 0.10.21 Works Works Connected to irc.freenode.net and joined #ReactOS, typed some text. Seems to work.
mIRC 7.32 Works Works Connected to irc.freenode.net and joined #ReactOS, typed some text. Seems to work.
Mono .net Development Framework Works Failed tried to test some of the demo apps, which fails
Mozilla Firefox Works Works
Mozilla Firefox 3.0.19 Works Works
Mozilla Firefox 3.6.28 Works Works some problems with mouse-scrolling (glitchy behaviour; better to use the side-bar)
Mozilla Firefox 26.0 Works Works Glitchy. The "Downloads arrow" won't expand, CTRL+J is needed instead. (Was: VERY glitchy)
Mozilla SeaMonkey 2.23 Works Works some page contain glitchy text, seems to be the same bug as in old firefox versions
Mozilla Thunderbird 3.1.20 Works Works
Mozilla Thunderbird 24.2.0 Works Works
MSXML 3.0 Works Not tested
Off By One Browser 3.5d Works Works Setup led to BSOD. Kangreon: (Works for me. Windows installer is flickering.)
OpenTTD 1.3.3 Works Works
Opera 9.64 Works Works
Opera 12.16 Failed Not tested CORE-5272
Putty 0.63 Works Works Font problem with ux theme !
Python 2.7.6 Works Works Rapps does not start the setup. IDLE does not start. Backspace does not correctly remove tabs.
Python 3.3.3 Works Works Rapps downloads the file but fails to autorun the installer. IDLE does not start. Backspace does not correctly remove tabs. Does get added to PATH, but cmd doesn't see it until a restart.
ReactOS Build Environment 2.1 Works Run w/o result Fails to build with memory read/write errors.
ReactOS Build Environment ARM addon 1.0 EDIT (emuandco): Link seems fine. Can't reproduce. We can't use sf's mirror auto selection in rapps yet.
ReactOS Build Environment AMD addon 1.3 Setup led to BSOD.
ReMooD 0.8a Works Not tested Not tested, game needs additional WAD files.
Samba TNG 0.5-RC1
SciTE 3.3.7
ScummVM 1.6.0 Works Run w/o result App runs fine, but no game can be added to play (CORE-7798).
Simple Direct Media Layer (SDL) Mixer 1.2.12 N/A (Archive File)
Simple Direct Media Layer (SDL) Runtime 1.2.15 N/A (Archive File)
SMPlayer 0.8.6 Failed Not tested RAPPS uses 100% of CPU to endlessly spam "WARNING: BaseCheckVDM at ../../dll/win32/kernel32/client/vdm.c:81 is UNIMPLEMENTED!"
SoundBlaster driver for Vmware
Steam (by Valve) 1.0 Works Failed RAPPS says "(../../dll/win32/kernel32/client/proc.c:3443) '\??\C:\Downloads\SteamInstall.msi': Invalid EXE, and not a batch or script file", but the MSI can be started manually. I got it to display at least a login dialog (CORE-4196).
Super Finder XT Works Works while starting the app, there is an error message which showed "failed to play AVI". App is totally glitched
SumatraPDF 2.4 Failed Not tested Link is correct, but it won't download from Amazon cloud. EDIT (emuandco): Link works for me. Can't reproduce.
Total Commander 8.01 Works Works Tested copying very large files, deleting, file splitting & joining, compression.
Tile World 1.3.0 N/A (Archive File) Failed CORE-7803
TuxPaint 0.9.21c Works Works Config app on some tabs spams (../../ntoskrnl/ke/i386/cpu.c:1421) KeSaveFloatingPointState is not really implemented and (../../ntoskrnl/ke/i386/cpu.c:1452) KeRestoreFloatingPointState is not really implemented
Visual Basic 5 Runtime Failed Not tested The Instruction "0x773f1131" referenced memory at "0x773f1131". The memory could not be "read".
Visual Basic 6 Runtime Failed Not tested CORE-7827
VLC Media Player 2.1.2 Works Works some slight stuttering on certain mediaformats, but may be due to other factors. (CORE-7805) Only runs once with GUI. Retested; works more than once, but it does have difficulties (auto)remembering with what application(VLC) to use and then gives error. Always works if you open it with 'open with' and manually chose VLC, though.
WinBoard 4.2.7b Failed Not tested Setup halts while trying to extract the file "ChangeLog" -> CORE-7801.
Windows Media Encoder 9
uTorrent 3.3.2 Works Run w/o result On choosing any other language than English the setup stalls with "fixme:iphlpapi:GetAdaptersAddresses :stub". App spams "fixme:mshtml:OleInPlaceActiveObject_TranslateAccelerator (0076B2C8)->(0223FF74)"

Stuff not on the Downloader list

Software/Stage Installation Application Comments
7-Zip 9.20 Works
Adobe Flash Player (non-IE)
Adobe Flash Player (non-IE) Failed
Adobe Reader 6.0.1 Works Works
Adobe Reader 7.1.0 Failed Not tested Fails with an unhandled exception
Adobe Reader XI Run w/o result Not tested Installer from get.adobe.com/reader uses 100% CPU but doesn't start the GUI. Full installer (from Filehippo) runs but doesn't extract any files.
Audacity 2.0.5 Works Not tested For run Audacity needs Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable SP1, but he not install.
aMSN Messenger 0.98.9
Aston shell Works Failed CORE-7599
CCleaner 3.04.1389
CCleaner 4.00.4064
Code::Blocks 13.12 Works Works I tested the 13.12 version should be the same. Finaly it works in reactos, there are only two little problems - a blue overlay on some tabs (screenshot) and code::blocks sometimes loses it's configuration after restart but it detects the compiler(didn't work in 3.15)
Design Works Lite 4.2
Diablo 1 Retail Works Failed Installer bugs out if closed (CORE-5116). Game starts and intro is played, but nothing happens afterwards (CORE-7092).
Download Master v.
Emesene Messenger 2.12.1
foobar2000 1.1.18
foobar2000 1.2.4
Foxit Reader 3.0.1887
GIMP 2.6.11
GIMP 2.8.10
Google Earth
Google Chrome Failed Not tested Web Installer, Standalone Single User Installer, Standalone All Users Installer all fail with unhandled exception.
Grid Wars 5.4 (update patch) N/A (Archive File)
iDeaS beta2 N/A (Archive File)
InfraRecorder 0.46.2
Internet Explorer 7 (for XP SP2)
Internet Explorer 8 (for XP SP2)
Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 7u51
JPEGView 1.0.31 N/A (Archive File)
KDE Software Compilation 4.10.2 for Windows (installer v. 1.0.0)
Lazarus IDE 1.0.14
LibreOffice 4.1.4
Microsoft Office Standard Edition 2003 BSOD appeared during setup.
Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.20125
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86)
Nero Kwik Media 12.0.01300
.NET Framework 3.5 (SP1)
Notepad++ 6.5.3 Works Works
Picasa 3.9
Project64 2.0
PCSX2 1.0.0
QIP IM 2012 (mostly for Russian people)
SciTe v3.3.7 Works Not tested Application seems to work, right clicking on files show "Edit with SciTE in New Tab" and "Edit with SciTE in New Window"

Tested version: 3.3.4 (maybe someone could retest it?)

Snes9X v1.53 N/A (Archive File)
Sudoku (PortableApps)
Sumatra PDF 2.4
Unreal Commander 2.02
Winamp Lite v5.63
Winamp v5.666 Failed Not tested (CORE-7804) Winamp Lite is not affected.
Wine Gecko Works Works
WinRAR 4.2 Failed Not tested CORE-5696. WinRAR 5.00 installs correctly.
WinRAR 5.01 Works Not tested
Yahoo messenger 11.5
Yahoo Javascript Widget Engine Failed Not tested

VMware Graphics Drivers

VMware Version Installation Comments
VMware Server 1.0.9
VMware Workstation 6.0.4
VMware Workstation 6.5.0
VMware Workstation 6.5.2
VMware Workstation 7.1.3

Virtualbox Graphics Drivers

VBox Version Installation Comments
VBox 3.2.8
VBox 4.0.4
VBox 4.2.10
VBox 4.2.12
VBox 4.2.16
Version Tests
0.3.x Series 0.3.3 | 0.3.5 | 0.3.6 | 0.3.7 | 0.3.8 | 0.3.9 | 0.3.10 | 0.3.11 | 0.3.12 | 0.3.13 | 0.3.14 | 0.3.15 | 0.3.16 | 0.3.17
0.4.x Series 0.4.0 | 0.4.1 | 0.4.2 | 0.4.3 | 0.4.4 | 0.4.5 | 0.4.6 | 0.4.7 | 0.4.8 | 0.4.9 | 0.4.10 | 0.4.11 | 0.4.12 | 0.4.13