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Preliminary ReactOS 0.3.13 tests page. For now, just test the applications on r50722.

Possible statuses

Status Description
Works There is no issue
Failed This does not work
Run w/o result Run without fundamental functionality
Not tested No test has been performed.

Stuff in Downloader

Software/Stage Installation Application Comments
7-Zip 9.20 Works Failed Running the benchmark can hang the system: #5906
AbiWord 2.6.8 Works Works Saibamen: Works ok, but icons have red background.
AbiWord 2.8.6 Works Works
Abyss Web Server X1 2.6 Works Run w/o result Saibamen: Server are [Halted], and in info section I have "A[]C[]" ([] -> square). I don't tested the server on browser (Firefox crashed when i go to localhost).
AC97 Driver for VirtualBox Works Works fLuXx: Installs fine, after install plays ROS logon sound with slight glitches. VLC plays but won't produce any sound. Mixer recognizes driver.
Audio Grabber 1.83 SE Failed Not tested Saibamen: Installation not run.
Diablo 2 Shareware 1.4 Works Run w/o result Black_Fox: The video test now can be ran without any trouble. Install Zeckensack's Glide Wrapper and then run Diablo II.exe with parameters " -w glide". There is no sound anymore: #5911
DosBox 0.74 Works Works
DosBlaster 2.5 Works Works Saibamen: I have not tested DOS, but Settings runs ok.
Firefox Works Works wojo664: Normal sites works, but login to mail or opening sites via https is not working

ch_123: Hangs when attempting to download files

Firefox 3.0.19 Works Works fLuXx: Installs fine. Open up fine. Doesn't set itself as default browser/asks every time. Has certain graphic glitches. Doesn't open certain sites (gmail, dropbox, for example, see wojo664 comment on firefox Otherwise, rather stable.
Firefox 3.6.13 Works Failed Saibamen: I can view the pages, but when i go to Downloads window - ReactOS has freeze (no BSOD).

fLuXx: Doesn't freeze on downloads for me. Almost same functionality as ff 3.0.19, plus some minor problems with typing address in address bar.

ch_123: BSOD on completion of installation and when attempting to run, with MEMORY MANAGEMENT and BAD POOL HEADER errors respectively.

Fox Audio Player Works Works Audio Playback (Ogg and module files) is smooth on QEMU with ac97_vbox driver. Pausing works, but causes the interface to go blank (but still usable). Stopping, however, freezes the whole app. Volume control doesn't work.
FreeBASIC 0.21.1 Works Not tested Saibamen: Installation don't have background images (black).
GO-OO 3.2.1-11 Failed Not tested Saibamen: Wrong URL to download?
IrfanView 4.28 Works Works wojo664: After adding file "mfc42.dll" file, it works. Else it dislplays error about missing file. For some reason I can't open JPEG images. Ver 4.27 works, so 28 will surely also work.
IrfanView Plugins 4.28 Works Not tested
K-destop Environment 0.9.8-1 Not tested Not tested
LBreakout2 2.4.1 Works Failed Nothing happens when you run it.
LGeneral 1.1 Works Failed Saibamen: Error when running: "lgeneral.exe Unable To Locate Component. his application has failed to start because SLd."
LibreOffice 3.3.0 RC3 Not tested Not tested
LMarbles 1.0.6 Works Failed Saibamen: Program don't run.
Media Player Classic Home Cinema Failed Not tested Stream read error when you run the installation. #5907
Microsoft Tahoma Font Works Not tested
Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Common Controls Not tested Not tested
Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Failed Not tested R3ddr4g0n: see #5809
Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable SP1 Not tested Not tested
Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Run w/o result Not tested Saibamen: I install this, but text blinking
Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable SP1 Not tested Not tested
Microsoft Visual C++ 6 Redistributable Package Not tested Not tested
Microsoft XML 3 Not tested Not tested
MinGW Works Not tested Saibamen: Installation test on pre-packaged repository (works ok).
Miranda IM 0.9.13 Works Run w/o result niski: tried jabber and gg accounts, neither did work. Wasn't able to close correctly the app and the profile has been corrupted beyond the possibility of repair.
mIRC 7.17 Works Failed Saibamen: When i try to connect to server - mIRC exit.
Mono .net Development Framework Not tested Not tested
.Net Framework 1.1 Not tested Not tested
.Net Framework 2.0 Not tested Not tested
.Net Framework 2.0 SP2 Not tested Not tested
Ole Viewer and MFC version 4 Failed Not tested A weird box appears, nothing in the log.
Off By One Browser 3.5d Works Works
Open Office 2.4.3 Not tested Not tested
Open Office 3.2.1 Works Failed ch_123 - The application cannot be started. Unsatisfied query for interface of type com.sun.star.awt.XThrobber!
OpenTTD 1.0.5 Works Works Sh4ring4n: Installation works in VMware, but it runs without the ability to play sound. However, in vbox, it crashes badly. See #5909
Opera 9.64 Failed Not tested R3ddr4g0n: see #5900
Opera 11 Failed Run w/o result fLuXx: Installer hangs. Downloaded portable version and tested instead. Severe graphical glitches w/ blinking texboxes and other objects, practically unusable. Opens sites, but almost imposible to use.

Saibamen: Install: failed to modify registry "Software\Classes\Opera.HTML\FriendlyTypeName." Error code: 39

Putty 0.60 Not tested Works wojo664: Interface works good, saving and loading profiles works, interface glitchless=free, after connecting to COM1, it shows normal black window like in WIN XP
Python Works Works
ReactOS Build Environment Works Not tested
ReactOS Build Environment ARM addon 1.0 Not tested Not tested
ReactOS Build Environment AMD addon 1.4d Not tested Not tested
ReMooD 0.8a Works Not tested
Samba TNG 0.5-RC1 Works Run w/o result niski: Attempts to connect to host failed.
SciTE 2.23 Works Works
ScummVM 1.2.1 Works Works fLuXx: tested with freeware game - Drascula. No soundtracks, so no audio tested, but game and scummvm seem to work almost flawlessly.
Steam 1.0 Works Failed
SDL Mixer Failed Not tested Saibamen: Installation not run (I have 7-zip).
SDL Runtime Not tested Not tested
SeaMonkey 2.0.11 Works Works niski: browsing works
SMPlayer 0.6.9 Works Not tested
SoundBlaster driver for Vmware Works Not tested
Super Finder XT Works Failed Saibamen: When I run this - ReactOS has freeze.
Thunderbird 3.1.7 Works Not tested
Tile World 1.3.0 Works Failed Saibamen: 2 errors. First error: "sets: No such file or directory (ENOENT) [fileio.c:486])
TuxPaint 0.9.21c Works Works
UltraVNC Failed Not tested Saibamen: Installation: Error: "Unable to eecute file: C:\ReactOS\System32\netsh. CreateProces failed; code 2)
uTorrent 2.2 Works Failed It hangs after showing MSAFD: Unhandled NTSTATUS value: 0xc0000005 for 5 times. Ros continues to be responsive though.
Visual Basic 5 Runtime Works Not tested If you trust the installation itself, it says it completed successfully.
Visual Basic 6 Runtime Works Not tested I'm not sure if it worked. The setup extracts another setup, running it shows nothing.
VLC Media Player 1.1.5 Works Run w/o result fLuXx: Installs fine. Opens regularly (few graphic glitches) and opens and plays a wav file, but no sound in vbox w/ ac97 driver. After play, it hangs. No change in 1.1.7 either.
WinBoard 4.2.7b Works Run w/o result Saibamen: Game Viewer don't run. Another applications runs.
Windows Media Encoder 9 Not tested Not tested
GlideWrapZbag 0.84c Not tested Not tested

Stuff not on the Downloader list

Software/Stage Installation Application Comments
Adobe Flash Player 10 Not tested Not tested
Adobe Reader 6 Failed Not tested
Adobe Reader 7.1.0 Not tested Not tested
Adobe Reader 9 Not tested Not tested
Audacity 1.2.6 Works Run w/o result Works, but keeps giving the error: "Can't close registry key 'HKCR' (error6: eRROR_INVALID_HANDLE - The handle is invalid.)" Can open MP3 files, but doesnt allow playback. Also has drawing glitches, mostly with image icons.
aMSN Messenger 0.97.2 Works Run w/o result Installs fine, app runs with drawing glitches, refuses to connect (Invalid Arguement). Also when starting, gives out error: "Extrac32.exe - he exception unknown software exception (0x80000003) occured in the application at location 0x7c907c6a."[1]
Aston shell 1.9.6 Works Run w/o result wojo664: Program complains about writing to registry key, altrough the key is created (checked in regedit). Main program has problems with launch, memory error shows up. Individual pieces of the software can be run. Options can be set, it has nice animation in About section, there is even something like Theme manager, but it crashes sometimes. Shell swapper seems to work but it can't associate Aston as a default shell. Generally Unusable at current time.
Ccleaner 2.20.920 Works Works Minor drawing issues in Registry Cleaner section.
CCleaner latest (3.03 at the moment) Works Works Some drawing issues in installer (text missing, MAY be similar to #4699).
Code::Blocks 10.05 Works Failed fLuXx: After splash screen dissapears, nothing happens, no window appears, no crash either. Codeblocks is in the process list, and is idle. Installer works fine.
Design Works Lite 4.2 Not tested Not tested
Diablo 1 Retail Failed Run w/o result Black_Fox: Installer asserts, but the setup manages to install necessary files anyway (#5630). Game can be executed, but complains about lack of CD even when the CD is attached.
Download Master v. Works Failed evilslon: Program installs almost w/o problems (small graphical glitches), after first start program shows splashscreen and window, where prompts to set type of Internet connection (modem/dsl/lan/3G). When i choose any of those types and press "OK", BSOD screen appears (STOP: 0xc0000005, 0xF786A89F, 0x00000000 in module win32k.sys).
Emesene Messenger 1.6.3 Works Run w/o result Installs fine, but interface has major drawing issues making it impossible to test. Seems related to the GTK library (huge fonts and missing areas).
Firefox 1.5 Works Works
Firefox 3.5 Not tested Not tested
foobar2000 Failed Not tested v1.1.2 installer aborts with "Windows XP SP2 or later Windows version is required to run foobar2000." (#5916).
Foxit Reader 3.0 Failed Not tested Setup starts up with what appears to be FoxitReader working in the background. Prints out error: "Setup.exe not found". Pressing OK cancels the setup. Renaming the setup executable to "Setup.exe" does the same, but with the error: "format error: not a PDF or corrupted"
Gimp 2.6.6 Not tested Not tested
Google Earth 4.3 Failed Not tested After unpacking, something like Installshield error window shows up with "1158" written inside and an OK button.
Grid Wars 5.4 Not tested Not tested
iDeaS beta2 Not tested Not tested
InfraRecorder 0.46.2 Not tested Not tested
Internet Explorer 7 (for XP) Not tested Not tested
Java Runtime Environment (J2RE) 6u17 Not tested Not tested
JPEGView Not tested Run w/o result wojo664: Seems to crash after trying to browse the file-open window.

Distributed in compressed archive, no installer

Katawa Shoujo Act 1 v2 Not tested Not tested
KDE 4.3.4 (latest) Not tested Not tested
kdewin-installer-gui-0.9.5-0.exe Not tested Not tested
kdewin-installer-gui-0.9.6-5.exe Not tested Not tested
Microsoft Silverlight Failed Not tested BlackSVK: Installation stuck on: "Silverlight is being installed on your computer. Installing...
Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Not tested Not tested
Microsoft Works 8.5 Not tested Not tested
Narcissu 1.0E Not tested Not tested
Nero BurnLite 10.0.10600 Failed Not tested evilslon: problems with installing, setup program shows an error
.NET Framework 1.0 Not tested Not tested
.NET Framework 3.5 Not tested Not tested
Notepad++ 5.8.2 Works Works Minor drawing glitches in setup screen, otherwise all works OK.
Picasa 2 Not tested Not tested
Picasa 3 Not tested Not tested
Project64 1.6 Not tested Not tested
PCSX2 0.9.6 Not tested Not tested
QIP 2005 build 8095 Works Failed Black_Fox: Not even splash screen appears, only "Images error, Unsupported image format, usually unknown BMP format". #3927
Snes9X v1.51 N/A (archive file) Works Warns about DirectSound missing, otherwise runs fine. Doesn't require installation.
Sudoku (PortableApps) Works Run w/o result BlackSVK: Spashscreen is bugged; Sometimes works great, but mostly I cannot add numbers.
Sumatra PDF 0.9.3 Works Works Minor toolbar drawing issues.
Sumatra PDF 1.3 Works Failed Excepts on start. #5917.
Total Commander 7.04a Works Works BlackSVK: Installation will not create group in start menu, otherwise works great!
Total Commander 7.50a Works Run w/o result BlackSVK: Shows access violation error, refreshing of file list is slow, it's very buggy; I can copy files(from root directory) or view files(F3 hotkey)
True Remembrance 1.04E Not tested Not tested
Unreal Commander 0.96 (build 754) Works Failed evilslon: doesnt works at all, successfull installs and after starting shows the following message box: "Stream Read Error"
VLC Media Player 0.8.6i Works Run w/o result GUI works normally - until you play something. At the point it starts to freeze very quickly. Only MP3 playback was tested.
Wine Gecko Not tested Not tested
Wxtide32 Not tested Not tested
Yahoo messenger Not tested Not tested
Yahoo messenger 10.0 Not tested Not tested
YSFlight Not tested Not tested
ADD MORE (ordered alphabetically)

VMware Graphics Drivers

VMware Version Installation Comments
VMware Server 1.0.9 Not tested
VMware Workstation 6.0.4 Not tested
VMware Workstation 6.5.0 Not tested
VMware Workstation 6.5.2 Not tested
VMware Workstation 7.0.0 Not tested

Virtualbox Graphics Drivers

VBox Version Installation Comments
VBox 2.0.8 Not tested
VBox 2.2.0 Not tested
VBox 2.2.4 Not tested
VBox 3.1.8 Not tested
VBox 3.2.8 Not tested